Why people love Wilcom.
Comments from people who have made the switch…

“Improve the quality of embroidery, especially text.”

I simply brought up the existing embroidery design in the new Wilcom software, enlarged it and ran it. It ran better than the original! It would have taken hours to do the same on my previous software and the result would have been marginal.

I doubt you will find any other embroidery software that even comes close to the quality of Wilcom keyboard lettering. You will probably need and use keyboard lettering more than any other feature.
Rich Medcraft

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Case Study - Marilyn & Deb

"We’re so glad that we made the transition from our old software to Wilcom EmbroideryStudio. From being scared to digitize anything, we are now attempting everything. It has made our transition so easy and it built our confidence up. Especially when we see the smile on the customer’s face and we think that we actually did it ourselves!"

"I feel a lot more confident now in digitizing with my EmbroideryStudio software. When I first started it was like, never mind we’re not going to digitize, we’re just going to find a good digitizer and let him do it. At first we did do that until we got EmbroideryStudio and our confidence levels really shot up."

“The features in Wilcom are
quicker and easier”

Pretty much all of the features are better than our old pulse software, but I think the feature for redrawing fonts is very easy to use.
Paul Hunter

EmbroideryStudio has helped me in my business because it saves me a lot of TIME.
Yelena Laskavy

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Case Study - Zig Zag Inc

"We use Wilcom software because it’s stitch engine is very powerful and it’s one of the best in the industry. I can rely on the engine and not worry about the end product once it’s stitched out. I like Wilcom software because I don’t like to digitize, and the auto fabric setting is really easy to use. One of the advantages of Wilcom software is that you can save the graphic and the stitch file all in one file, which allows you to keep everything together in just one file"

“I wanted software that offered
support when I needed”

You need a partner who knows the embroidery business and is committed to making you successful – Wilcom is that partner.
Mike Smith

It is a good feeling to know that there are folks that are ready to help whenever you need them.
Martha Chastain

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Case Study - Bruce Singer, Barudan Canada

"The most common service support call we receive is usually a result of poor digitizing, particularly the lettering component. We see too few stitches, too many stitches, too wide stitches, unsupported stitches, wrong underlay, poor corners, bunched curves, no tie ins, and no tie outs. Of course, the first call for help is to us - the 'Machine Guys'. We are the first line of assistance for, pull outs, tears, thread breaks, distortion and looping. Our first response is usually: 'change the design and see if the problem disappears'.

Lettering is a specialty all on its own. It takes practice, experience, patience, skill and time to digitize lettering properly. If you have the time great! If not why not just use "Wilcom Perfect Lettering", right out of the box ,and couple it with your logo. Wilcom has been doing lettering for 30 years, use their expertise. Simple, fast, productive, accurate, legible and fewer thread breaks. (Translation...'1 less call to me!') "

“The interface with CorelDRAW is amazing…”

I like the convert button, it does most of the work for me! DecoStudio helps me digitize the easy designs and keep more of my money.
T. Sikes

I love the way you can switch back and forth between Corel and Wilcom.I thank Wilcom for doing this to help us make digitizing enjoyable.
B, Bickford

DecoStudio and EmbroideryStudio come with CorelDRAW completely integrated.
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Case Study - Sierra Trade-in: AAA Awards & Embroidery

"Just wanted to send you a note about the Wilcom EmbroideryStudio software. I got it Tuesday as promised and installed it. The installation went smoothly. I started experimenting with it and found out that ES is truly impressive. Setting up new designs is a snap. I'm still getting used to the new menu, but after using Sierra for 7 years that's to be expected. The interface with CorelDRAW is amazing. So many of the designs that I had created with my old software started as CorelDRAW vectors. I'm working on converting the old design files to machine files, but in some cases I'm just using the original vector art to make new files in ES.

As I was using the program this afternoon an analogy popped into my head. If you’re into cars at all, the software I was using is like having a Chevy or a Ford. Pretty dependable and it'll get you where your going. This new program is like having a Ferrari. It gets you where your going much faster and it's much more fun getting there.

With so many people ready to complain at moments notice, I thought you might like to hear that you have a VERY satisfied customer. "
Garry Knapp - AAA Awards & Embroidery

“Best investment I have made.”

Best investment I have made. I've owned several software packages and out of all of them Wilcom is the best embroidery software. Definitely recommend to anyone buying software to start with Wilcom, they won't be disappointed.
R. Mitchell

It’s a big outlay but totally worth the money.
Paul Hunter

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“Works with all of my embroidery machines”

I'm loving the software, works really well with my Barudans (even have one with a sequin dispenser on it). I know my digitizing customers like the quality that I'm able to produce with the software as well. Keep it up.
Evan West, Wild West Designs

Regarding the Direct Connection for Happy embroidery Machines: “woow !!!!! so good !!! HAPPY & WILCOM!!”
Mauro Miranen

Sending designs to your embroidery machine has never been easier!
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