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Trade-in your old digitising software for Wilcom's EmbroideryStudio e4 today. Changing to Wilcom is so much easier than you imagine and really affordable too!

Tired of problems with stitch quality, lack of training or support? Wilcom has been creating the world's leading embroidery software for over 40 years. We pride ourselves in generating only the best stitch quality that your machine deserves. Our EmbroideryStudio e4 software offers the complete multi-decorating solution and is backed by professional training and personal customer support.

We are always developing and adding new features whilst enhancing favorites, with the most recent update EmbroideryStudio e4.2 having only been released in March 2019. Importantly, it is now a 64-bit version, making everything incredibly faster and more robust.

Now is the time to switch to the most reliable embroidery solution. Now is the time to switch to Wilcom.

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Here are more reasons why people

Local Support & Training

Call or email us for technical support. Take advantage of our rich training options including class room training, videos, workbooks and comprehensive online help.

Includes CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017

Wilcom and Corel have partnered together to streamline the embroidery process and enable multi-decoration. The complete CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is included in your purchase and is fully integrated into the Wilcom software.

Wilcom’s .EMB file is the most widely used format

9 out of 10 contract digitizers prefer .EMB format for its unrivalled stitch processor, true object based design and stitch quality.

Top quality embroidery lettering fonts

Use any of the 165 expertly digitized embroidery fonts for precision, reliability and stunning stitch results – right down to 4mm.

Easy-to-use presets for different fabric types

Whether you’re working with fleece, pique or cotton, Auto Fabrics automatically adjusts the stitch settings to suit. You can also create your own tried and true presets.

Stitch quality you can be proud of

Sick of having to re-do jobs or test designs multiple times? Wilcom’s stitch processor is renowned for its precision and superior quality the world over.

Product Visualizer for easier customer approvals

There are over 50 product templates included to show your customers what the design will look like on the chosen garment. Impress your customers, avoid errors and streamline production!

Virtual embroidery

This is a high resolution print of simulated embroidery which produces an effect so real you need to touch it to believe it. A great alternative for the price conscious customer or to introduce new effects. (optional)

Convert embroidery to vector files

Yes really! Using your customers’ embroidery design you can now offer to print, increasing your revenue potential and customer satisfaction.

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