Embroidery WebServices and Wilcom Technologies

  • Are you selling custom products on your web site?
  • Do you want to show previews of embroidery?
  • Do you want to show embroidery on products?
  • Do you want to automate your design process?
  • Do you want to embroidery enable your business software?

The Wilcom Embroidery WebServices are tools for businesses who want to create interactive online stores or applications for selling custom embroidered goods.

WebServices are software applications that can be accessed locally or remotely by web sites, servers and desktop applications.

Wilcom’s technology can be used to embroidery enable your website and existing business systems to display real time embroidery previews or creating actual production files. This technology is set to revolutionize the way decorated goods companies interact with their customers, dramatically reduce production times and open new markets and revenue opportunities.

What can Wilcom provide?

Embroidery technology and expertise

  • Embroidery technology to plug in to your website or business software
  • Expertise to help you integrate the technology

What are WebServices?

Web Services are software applications that can be accessed locally or remotely by websites, servers and desktop applications.

Wilcom WebServices

Wilcom can provide fully hosted WebServices or an installable package so you can do the hosting.

What other Technologies are available

Wilcom can also deliver the same web service functionality in an Embroidery Engine format that can be installed on Windows PCs for use with local desktop applications.

What can you do with Wilcom Web Services and Technologies

The Wilcom Web Service allows your web site or software systems allows special embroidery functions such as:

  • Text to Embroidery Lettering generation
  • Team Name processing
  • TrueView image generation
  • Color manipulation
  • Design manipulation
  • Machine files creation

Lettering Web Service

Embroidery Lettering T-shirt

  • Create previews of embroidery lettering
  • Create previews of combined designs - eg. logo plus lettering
  • Previews can be overlaid on products
  • Can create production ready designs

TrueView Web Service

Embroidery TrueView T-Shirt

  • Create previews of embroidery designs
  • Show preview in different colors
  • Overlay previews on products

Want to learn more?

Contact Wilcom International at wilcom@wilcom.com

If you already have a website and want to integrate the embroidery visualization and automation into it – you're in the correct place, Wilcom Web Services is all you need.