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Perfect starter experience. Organize your designs, resize, recolor and convert to your machine format.

  • Search and manage designs easily
  • Convert to most popular file formats
  • Resize designs accurately
  • Edit and optimize design colors
  • Match your thread brand
  • Auto-Fabric adjusts underlay, pull-compensation and density
  • Stabilizer recommendation wizard

Turn your ready-made items into unique custom-made masterpieces in just a few easy steps.

Everything in Organizer

  • 63 professionally digitized fonts for lettering
  • Use TrueType and OpenType fonts
  • 85 professionally designed monogram templates
  • 385 Ornaments and 79 Borders included
  • Search and manage designs easily
  • Resize designs accurately
  • Convert to most popular file formats

There is nothing quite like creating your very own unique embroidery designs quickly and easily.

Everything in Personalizer

  • Auto-digitize your artwork creative emb
  • State-of-the-art creativity and layout tools
  • 63 professionally digitized fonts for lettering
  • 85 professionally designed monogram templates
  • Powerful object editing
  • Multi-hooping in just one click
  • Convert to most popular file formats

Digitizing software designed for amateur and experienced users. Everything a hobbyist or home business needs.

Everything in Composer

  • True manual digitizing with professional quality results
  • Turn photos into memorable embroidery with Color PhotoStitch
  • Redwork for creating simple artistic embroidery
  • Combine multiple objects into one with Weld
  • 101 professionally digitized fonts for lettering

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  • "The learning curve was gentle and the results were AMAZING!! With Hatch, creativity has no end!"

    Julie, Hobby Embroiderer
  • "Hatch Embroidery truly is the greatest and easiest to use design software I have ever come across!"

    Judith, Hobby Embroiderer
  • "I was new to embroidery and had a very difficult time maneuvering around in other softwares, Hatch made it so easy to understand, that even a newbee like I was could understand and operate it. Hatch consistently updates the software keeping me up to date on the newest innovations to embroidery digitizing!"

    Michelle, Hobby Embroiderer
  • "I can lovingly put my thoughts down in stitches through a very easy to use well supported program."

    Dianne, Hobby Embroiderer

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