Published on Sunday, February 17, 2019

Three continents in three days

Wilcom spans the globe with 3 major trade shows in January

January 2019 was a very busy month for the Wilcom team. It was the announcement of EmbroideryStudio e4.2, a major update that delivered incredible new features, and more importantly, Wilcom celebrated 40 incredible years of innovation in the machine embroidery world.

What better way to announce this, than at three different international trade shows across three different continents.

Imprinted Sportswear Show (ISS) 2019

First on our list was the Imprinted Sportswear Show (ISS) in Long Beach, California. Our Wilcom America team took the lead and put on a great show. 
From left to right: Theresa, Selena, Maria, Greg, Cynthia, and Mike

The team was excited about the anniversary and particularly excited about launching a 64-bit version of our flagship EmbroideryStudio software.

We cannot forget the most important aspect of the show, the cupcakes!!


Printwear & Promotion LIVE! 2019

Next was one of our favorite shows in Birmingham, UK. Printwear & Promotion LIVE! 2019, put together by our Wilcom Europe team.

Wilcom Europe Team


The focus of this show is on 1-on-1 demonstrations. The team spent 3 entire days running demos from morning till close, each with a personalized flavor. They really enjoy getting to know many long-time Wilcom users and particularly all the newbies getting into embroidery for the first time. This was definitely the right place for them to start their journey.

Colombiatex De Las Américas 2019

Last stop was Colombiatex in the incredible city of Medellin, Colombia. Our team flew across and met up with the local Wilcom distributor M.A.D. Ingenieros.

Customers traveled from Honduras, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Paraguay and many other places too. The latest software release was extremely well received, especially the incredible speed improvements which they had a chance to experience on the stand.

The Colombian team had the following to say.


There were excellent results at the Colombiatex 2019 trade show. We had many visitors and users from all over the American continent. From the Bahamas through to El Salvador and Chile. 

Some of what we heard on the stand

  • "We want to legalize!"
  • "The e4 version has given me the tools to differentiate myself from my competitors!"
  • "I love the new 64-bit version, especially the speed!"

Not only did the actual software users visit us, but we also had the opportunity to host high-level meetings with our business partners from Colombia and the surrounding countries.

We want to offer a huge thank you to M.A.D. Ingenieros, our official distributor for Colombia, for the incredible efforts at the show to ensure both M.A.D. and Wilcom was presented with great success.


So, after these three major shows, everyone re-grouped back at Head Office and immediately got set for their next adventures in Portugal, Spain, and France during February.

We are looking forward to hearing about those shows, seeing the stands and all the smiling faces. If they are lucky, there may be a cupcake or two waiting for them.


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