Published on Monday, January 8, 2018

EmbroideryStudio e4 Major Update e4.1 is available!

Even more Creativity & Productivity


Following the successful launch of ES e4, our team have been busy collating your feedback and input and invested that to develop our latest release – EmbroideryStudio e4 Update e4.1.

This release is packed with an array of creative tools that will inspire any designer, plus a suite of productivity tools that will enhance even the most organized embroidery shop.


So, What's New?

Creative improvements:

  • Flexi motif column fill
  • Gradient motif run
  • Variable size motif on tight curves
  • Contour fill with Complex Fill tool
  • Even Density contour fill type
  • Sharper corners with Contour Outline
  • Open Offset to create offline outlines around open objects
  • Editable Offset Fill objects that recalculates the offset fill
  • String Stitch
  • Sequin Stamp
  • Sequin Smooth Edges
  • Custom sequin shapes
  • Custom sequin fixing stitches
  • Single Sequin add-on Element for ES e4 Decorating level
  • Cording effect display
  • Transparent bitmap background display

Productivity improvements:

  • Drag-and-drop Clipart docker
  • Faster Design Library searching
  • Enhanced Design Library search and filtering tools
  • Product color, size and quantity information stored in the Order Job feature
  • Approval Sheet customizing options including customer information
  • Barudan FDR-3 machine file format support
  • EmbroideryConnect wireless design transfer directly to your machine
  • Improved digitizing tools


See It in Action!

Check-out our video ‘An overview of Update e4.1’ for an overview of the key new and enhanced improvements to EmbroideryStudio e4.


An overview of key improvements

Flexi Motif column

Flexi-Motif Column Fill lets you digitize a shape with Column A or B, and the motif pattern will adapt automatically to your varying column shape saving you hours of manual digitizing.



Gradient Motif Run

We’ve made an improvement to Motif Run which now lets you specify a gradient motif size and spacing option that will smoothly decrease the size and spacing of your motif pattern from one end of the object to the next.



Even Density Contour Fill

Even Density is a new fill type for Contour Fill. When applied, Even Density will force the contour run stitches to maintain a visually even density.


Open Offset

Offsets have always been a great and simple way to automatically create an outline around your shapes or design. It’s now even better with Open Offset. In a simple dialog box you can specify any number of offset outline objects including Run Stitch, Backstitch, Motif Run, plus Satin Column C which now also supports custom Column C satin widths.



String Stitch

String Stitch is a truly remarkable stitching method that originates from India. It’s known as ‘Paghadi’ and is commonly used to hold down small mirrors in intricate fabric designs.

String Stitch creates a series of overlapping “string art” style stitches and can be used for closed objects including holes, as well as open objects to create some interesting and intricate designs.

Sequin Stamp

Sequin Pattern Stamp is a new creative way to build multi-color or multi-pattern sequin designs.

Simply create a stamp then apply that stamp to a sequin fill object. Specify a new sequin color or shape for your stamped area and the stamped area will instantly change with the different color or shape sequin.



Sequin Smooth Edge

With Sequin Smooth Edges you can now change your row and column spacing from the current exact grid method to ‘Expand to fit’ or ‘Contract to fit’. The result is that the line of sequins will either expand or contract to fit perfectly within your shape and create a constant and smooth sequin edge.


Drag-and-drop clipart docker

Building a design from stock designs and clipart just got a whole lot easier.

The new Clipart Docker lets you browse any design folder and previews the embroidery design content. Search, then select and drag your design components on-screen. You are free to make any changes and create a new design.



Faster and more accurate searching in Design Library

Design Library lets you preview and locate designs in folders you have added to your embroidery library.
Simply type your search query and matching designs will instantly appear. Designs are searched by file name but also by information fields such as tags, order information, customer order number or reference number plus many more

For an even more accurate search result, you can limit your searching filters to options such as design title, file name, design status, order date and more.


Barudan FDR-3 machine file support

EmbroideryStudio e4 Update e4.1 now supports the new Barudan FDR-3 U03 machine format. The FDR-3 file supports correct color thread display in its thumbnail in both Design Library AND on the Barudan machine to help eliminate costly production errors resulting from incorrect colors.


EmbroideryConnect wireless design transfer

EmbroideryConnect is a new add-on Element that, when combined with a compatible WiFi USB Stick, will revolutionize how you transfer designs to your machine.

Simply enable the Element and plug in the compatible WiFi USB Stick into any USB supported embroidery machine.

You can send designs directly to any machine connected to this WiFi USB Stick from any computer on your network. The designs are stored on the USB stick ready for your machine to load.
This new improvement alone could save you hours of managing and transferring designs to your machines every single day.


... a whole lot more!




How to get EmbroideryStudio e4 Update e4.1?


Update e4,1 is FREE for all EmbroideryStudio e4 users. Click here to download your EmbroideryStudio e4 Update e4.1 today, or contact your nearest Wicom distributor to find out how e4 with Update e4.1 can improve your business today.

Download now>







In addition to the existing EmbroideryStudio e4 improvements, a new companion product EmbroideryStudio e4 Ordering is now available in Update e4.1.

ES e4 Ordering delivers low-cost access to your essential professional embroidery management tools by providing your sales and customer service team member access to the Design Library. Your team can track orders, create job requests, colorways and search for your client’s designs without the need to call upon your busy designers and digitizing department.


Enjoy your new EmbroideryStudio e4 with Update e4.1!

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