Alphabet Creator

Match logo type exactly or create unique ones all your own
  • Create a digitized embroidery alphabet
  • Convert True Type font to alphabet file
  • Control and versatility at your fingertips
  • Customize the font—letter by letter or the entire alphabet

EmbroideryStudio lets you create a digitized embroidery alphabet that matches your customers’ corporate font, or design entirely new embroidery alphabets. It puts all the control and versatility of a professional type designer at your fingertips. Start with a True Type font, or design a font from scratch. Manage kerning and tracking. Customize the font—letter by letter or the entire alphabet—for stitch patterns, break angles, caps, overlaps, corners and more. Edit each curve, stroke and serif of any True Type font, until it’s exactly how you need it. And you can create different versions of a character—like a larger “C” and a kerned “w”—and save them in your Wilcom .ESA alphabet.