Published on Sunday, September 2, 2018

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Virtual Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery Expo


The Virtual Sewing Quilting and Embroidery Expo is an event you will not want to miss.  It is 10 days of sewing, quilting and embroidery classes, techniques, tips and FUN!  This is the third year the Margaret Moorehead’s Virtual Sewing Guild is hosting this event, and once again, the line up of “Expo Experts” is amazing!  

So what is the “Virtual Sewing Quilting and Embroidery Expo”?

Have you ever been to a live sewing, quilting, and embroidery conference? Typically, there will be a big hall with lots of booths performing as little mini shops. You will also often find classes you can attend, which might be free or cost something.

The great thing with a live event is you can meet the vendors and maybe have a little conversation with them. You can see all the products up close and personal. You can meet new friends with similar interests.

The down side is that usually you have to take it all in within 3 days. You may have admittance, travel, hotel, and food expenses. You will have to choose which classes to take. Often there will be several that are scheduled at the same time, and you will have to decide which to attend and which to skip.

We have made attending a sewing, quilting, and embroidery conference easy. All you need to do is log into your computer. That means that no matter where you live on the planet, as long as you have internet access, you too can attend the Expo.

With a virtual expo, the “booths” are the various presenters’ websites, and the classes are all pre-recorded and are streamed on demand during the Expo period. That means you can watch every class you want multiple times.

How did the “Virtual Sewing Expo” come to be?

In 2007 Margaret hosted her first “online class” which consisted of only 10 students… (the webinar service Margaret was using would only allow 10 people on at a time). It was a 6 part class that had videos, written instructions and live webinars. When that class was over, there was a waiting list of 120 people. Online sewing classes were scarce and in demand, so Margaret decided to see what she could do to bring fabulous sewing information to those who were anxious to receive it. 

The Virtual Sewing Guild, invested in a service that would allow more people to attend the webinar, in fact, the service would hold 1,000 people. So with high hopes an email was sent out, and over 400 people signed up. This new method of sharing sewing information was a definite hit! As more webinars were planned, Margaret reached out to the Sewing Experts she had worked with in her days of doing events, and invited them to be guests on her webinars. This was a whole new way for the “Best of the Best” in the sewing industry to share their information. The crowds and enthusiasm just kept growing!

If one speaker was great MORE would be BETTER than GREAT!  A 2 night “retreat” took place with 4 presenters, and again the sewing crowd loved it! So what was next? Doing this through “live webinars” had its limitations, but streaming videos was now very popular. Margaret invited a select few sewing, quilting and embroidery experts to join her in the first ever “Virtual Sewing Quilting and Embroidery Expo”, and the rest is history! 

This is year three, and the excitement  about this upcoming event is stronger than ever! People were emailing Margaret all year long, making sure the event got repeated, and that the quality of the presenters would still be held to the highest quality. So the vent is happening again, and only the best of the best presenters are invited to participate in it.

Some moving stories from Margaret

"Throughout the years of providing these FREE webinars I have received some wonderful emails reinforcing that my online events are making a difference.   

One sewing friend emailed after a webinar saying that “Taking my Chemo Treatment is so easy because I watch your webinar replays during them”.    

Another Virtual Sewing Guild follower emailed me that she could never get to any sewing events because she was the full time care giver for her husband.  She looked forward to the webinars each month.  Learning  from the sewing experts without ever leaving her husband was something she never dreamed would be possible and she was so grateful for the joy they brought her."






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