The signature of this file is corrupt or invalid

This message may appear after your browser completes the download of the Hatch Embroidery software and usually only appears on Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 PC's.

There is no corruption and you can continue with the install by following these steps:

Windows might prevent you from starting unrecognized applications.
When you're downloading files from our website you might get a message saying "The signature of Hatch_Setup.exe is corrupt or invalid.".

Click on "View downloads"

Right click on the Hatch_Setup.exe file listed and choose "Run anyway"

Continue below.

Windows SmartScreen protection  may also try prevent you from running the file so the steps below also apply.


Click the "More info" text and the option to continue will appear.

Click "Run anyway" and the setup will then begin.


Complete the setup of Hatch Embroidery which may require you to restart your PC (or do so later) in order to ensure all elements of the software are correctly installed on your PC.


If any issues still persist, please contact our customer care team here.

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