Custom Color Charts - Sharing or Installing Custom Charts

Hatch includes 87 different predefined color charts but there are always others that users wish to create or import.

Creating a detailed chart can take a few hours of time. With Hatch you are able to share these custom charts with other Hatch users in order to save them time.

Below are the steps explaining how you can find your custom chart and share it or how to add a chart you received from another Hatch user.

All Thread charts standard or custom are saved in .tch files in the “res” program folder.

·       the default location is for a Windows 64bit system is C:\Program Files (x86)\Wilcom\Hatch Embroidery Software V1\RES

·       the default location is for a Windows 32bit system is C:\Program Files\Wilcom\Hatch Embroidery Software V1\RES

·        to share, simply copy the desired .tch file from this folder on your PC and send it to another person

·        to import and install it, simply copy the .tch file from another Hatch user into the “res” folder on your PC

·        restart the Hatch Embroidery Software

For more information on managing color charts visit our online documentation.

*Please note: Hatch Embroidery can not be held responsible for the incorrect color chart information installed via custom charts. We suggest you check your designs and verify you are happy with the results before stitching.


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