Re-download and install Hatch Embroidery software

If your Hatch Embroidery software does not automatically download, click here.

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once you have completed the download of the software you are on your way to creating beautiful designs with Hatch Embroidery.

Our software offers an affordable way to step into the hobbyist world of embroidery. The easy to use tools will make you feel like a craftsman with professional results.

Hatch Embroidery software is designed to work on a PC. It does however run just as beautifully on a MAC using Parallels. So if you only have a MAC, we recommend you give that a try as it's easy to install and you get the best of both the MAC and PC world.

Follow these basic steps on a PC to ensure your installation is quick and simple.
  1. After downloading, you will need to run the file called Hatch_Setup.exe.
  2. Follow the prompts on the installation screens until completed
  3. When you run Hatch Embroidery for the first time you will need to have an internet connection available.
  4. Sign In with your Hatch / Wilcom email address and password.
  5. If you check "Keep me signed in" you will not be required to be online for up to 60 days.
  6. By installing and using Hatch Embroidery, you agree to our standard Terms of Use
  7. Note: If you have purchased your software during your free 30 day trial period, the software will continue to show "trial" with number of days remaining. This is correct and allows you to still try the higher levels for the remaining trial period. After that the software will automatically launch with the level you purchased.

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  • If you have any questions, you can visit our FAQ's here.
  • If you are new, the perfect place to begin is our "Getting Started" video series.
  • To ask our fantastic customer service team something, use the form here.
  • There are a host of useful videos on all types of topics which you can find in our Resource Center.
  • Most other answers may be found in our detailed Online Documentation which you can find here.

Enjoy using Hatch Embroidery and please let us know if you need any assistance.

The Hatch Embroidery Team

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