10 Best Embroidery Projects for a “New You” in 2017

Inspirations for a New You in the New Year

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Forgot to make your New Year’s resolutions?  2017 can still be your greatest year yet! We collected 10 fun and easy embroidery projects that will help motivate you to become the very best version of yourself. Although most of these projects require a minimal amount of sewing skills, they are all form a great base for machine embroidery. Let’s get straight into it! 

Adding Va Va Voom To Your Machine Embroidery Projects

Hand embellishment dos and don'ts

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Nothing says lovin' like embroidered gifts. What you choose as your project says something about how you see the receiver. What you choose to embroider on the gift says something about you. If you really want your design to pop, adding embellishment to your embroidery will create another dimension and will most certainly have the desired effect. Limited only by your imagination, you decide what story you want your finished project to tell through embroidery and embellishing.

10 Best Ways to Use Scraps and Embroider Sustainably

Great project ideas to use up your scrap materials

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Wouldn't it be great if each time you started a new project, you didn't have to go out and buy a bunch of new materials? Well, by thinking twice before you throw scraps away, you can save a whole lot of materials for your next project. We collected the 10 best ideas on how to use up your leftover fabrics. These innovative ways are great to create a base for your next embroidery project as they can all be machine embroidered.

Snowman Themed Embroidery Project Ideas

Inspiration for Those Cold Winter Days

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Who does not like snowmen? As the chill of winter blows over the great outdoors, most people find themselves spending more and more time inside. If you are looking for a fun way to keep busy and keep your creativity flowing during the cold season, try out some inventive embroidery projects decorated with adorable snowman designs. With embroidery software and machines now available, you are sure to have fun with less trouble!

It's a 'Christmas' Cracker Of a Winner!

Hatch Facebook Christmas embroidery competition

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Leading up to Christmas we have seen so many beautiful embroidery designs everywhere, which made us curious to see what kind of embroidery projects everyone was working on at home. So... we asked our lovely Facebook followers to share their embroidery Christmas projects on our page. We received fantastic entries and we were so thrilled to see how creative everyone got!

Elf's Eleven - Last Minute DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

They are all quirky and can be personalized with embroidery!

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Have you ran out of ideas? Are you in desperate need for some last minute Christmas gift inspiration? Look no further! We collected the 11 best gift ideas the Elf recommends. They are quick and easy to make. They are also quirky and can be easily personalized with some embroidery.

Personalized Christmas Tags & Ornaments with FREE Instructions & Embroidery Designs - Part 2

Embroidered Christmas ornaments make decorating the tree more special - project by Kristie J Smith

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Embroidered Christmas ornaments are really easy to create with Hatch Embroidery software and can be personalized by adding some lettering or monograms, so everyone in the family can have their own ornament on the tree!

Personalized Christmas Tags & Ornaments with FREE Instructions & Embroidery Designs - Part 1

The perfect finishing touch for memorable gifts - project by Kristie J Smith

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Embroidered gift tags that double as Christmas ornaments are a great way to add an extra touch to a special gift. They can be personalized with names or simply sewn for decoration. These customized tags are super quick and simple to create with Hatch Embroidery software.

10 Paw-fect Embroidered Christmas Gifts For Your Furry Friends

Don’t let your pets miss out on celebrating Santa-Paws!

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Hatch Embroidery Software together with your embroidery machine, will let you produce unique and colorful pieces for yourself or your furry friends. Embroidery can be functional, beautiful and personal, so get inspired and amaze your friends and family with your sensational creations.

Personalized Christmas Gifts For A More Festive Holiday Season

DIY ideas you can easily embroider to make your present even more special

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The festive season is almost upon us once again, so it is time to turn our attention towards those all-important gifts for family and friends. There is nothing quite like a handmade personalized gift. It is a fun way to get creative! Embroidery is a wonderful method for adding an element of artistry and aesthetic brilliance to fabric.

Thanksgiving DIY & Embroidery Inspirations with FREE Design

Great tips for beautiful home decorations and gifts

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Thanksgiving is almost upon us again, and what better way to celebrate than by adding personal touches to your home in honor of the occasion? Creating your own DIY decoration can be a fun way of putting your own stamp on the season. Explore your creativity in our latest inspirational blog article loaded with great tips and ideas!

Spooktacular Designs Using Hatch Embroidery - FREE Halloween Designs

Special features and stitch effects that will take your embroidery to the next level

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It is so easy to take a simple design and make it “Boo-tiful” with Hatch Embroidery! This week we are giving you two designs that we have taken from simple to exciting using special features and stitches in the Hatch Embroidery Software. We will also take you through the steps of the transformation on the Halloween Owl design.
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