Support Reviews

"The thing I enjoy most about Wilcom is the customer service. With training videos now on-line, I don’t have to stop work to take the classes. When I do have questions, the customer service representatives and trainers are always willing to help. Maria is wonderful. She has an answer for everything. Thanks Wilcom and thank you Maria!"
J. Whitaker, StitchWorks

"I have been on tech help with other companies with various problems for many years. A few have been helpful, many have been no help, a bunch have made the problem worse and some have even indicated they would rather be somewhere else.

Your staff are just outstanding!! They made me feel I was their only client. Not only that, but they did this around 7:00 pm, well after closing time. I was astounded!! Nobody does that. I am sure you are aware good help is hard to find."
J. Thellman

"I knew that no matter how good a software package is, there are always times when you will need help and good support is invaluable at those times."

"Just want to give a big thanks to the support team at Wilcom in Georgia. I received my update last Thursday and had a few issues with installation. Every tech that I talked to was more than patient and dedicated to helping me get my problems resolved. Theresa, especially, went out of her way, to make sure that I had everything straightened out BEFORE the weekend.

Kudos........ and thank you, again. "

"You support guys are one of the many reasons, in my opinion, that make Wilcom the best."
S. Miner

"As usual I am impressed with the excellent service provided from Wilcom, it is so refreshing when most firms seem completely indifferent to the needs of the end user. Sincere thanks to you and all involved."
Tania, Specialist Sewing

"Tracey, thank you for all your efforts and pass on my thanks to Maria. You have both been great and I could not have asked for a better service. Hopefully I don’t have to contact you again with any problems but at least I would have the confidence of receiving good support if I do."
Michael & Emily

"After fighting with [another brand of software], I hoped I was making an intelligent decision and I have to say Clark assured me that Wilcom had the best technical support there was in the embroidery world. …That brings me to Monday morning... Canadian Thanksgiving... I called Wilcom and chatted to Madonna. She was bright, cheerful and told me not to worry, we would work out the issues. Well the rest is history...

Madonna and Clark should be recognized as Team Wilcom Superheros for their dedication to making Wilcom a leader in the industry. I'll certainly be sharing my experience with fellow digitizers.

So bottom line is, you have two fantastic employees that I have come to chat and interface with extensively and couldn't be happier with both of their technical abilities, professionalism and commitment to customer service. Wilcom undoubtedly is a leader in that department - Thank you! Special Thanks to Clark and Madonna, I am forever grateful. "
L. Ford, Alberta Canada

"I just wanted to say thank-you Wilcom for your excellent service in all respects. I am in the UK and am really impressed with everyone I have dealt with connected to Wilcom here in the UK, the USA and Australia, the courtesy and efficiency is second to none. This excellence of service is so very rare in our modern world. The free online training sessions for the software are fantastic, an unexpected added bonus and any problems that are 'user error' are dealt with quickly and kindly."
Tania in England

"I have had a lot of problems, caused by myself, but I have to say that Maria has been the greatest!!!!!!!!! She has stuck with me to the end, taking time to work with me online when I did not understand a function. I have dealt with a lot of tech support personnel over the years, Maria is top notch."
C. Jackson, Jr.

"I must compliment you and Wilcom for the fast response in resolving my issue. I feel that I must also say that Mike was AWESOME in resolving the issue. He was fantastic with everything he did, said, and explained to me.

My error was a 'rare' error, and Mike knew EXACTLY what had caused it. Thank you so much - you really do have an AWESOME team at Wilcom!"