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Lettering 1 with Greg Kwiecien

Training Videos e2 Lettering 1

With Greg Kwiecien – an Official Wilcom Trainer
Greg Kwiecien has embroidery experience over 19 years. Greg owns unique Embroidery and Printing
Cut out 0.00-0.46
Get familiar with user interface
Place lettering on screen
Change properties of the lettering
Set Stitch spacing
Apply correct underlay
Apply proper pull compensation
Formulate connectors

Recipe for Quality Font Lettering
Appropriate font for application
Applicable recommended height for legibility
Proper Stitch spacing (density)
Essential underlay for applications
Adequate pull compensation for fabric type
6.50 –Greg introduces himself. He has over 19 years of experience with Embroidery.
8.35 - Class begins
8.53 – Auto Fabric Assistant
9.30- Calibrating your display monitor. Go to Special > Hardware Set up > Display Monitor >
9.48 – Use a ruler and physically measure the box and then your monitor will be calibrated to a 1:1 scale and no distortion will occur
10.46 – Stitch types and flyouts
11.07 – Pull compensation
11.17 – True view Flyout, show stitches (S), Outlines (L)
11.57 – Right click on the lettering icon brings up object properties
12.30 – Insert symbols
15.11 – Generate (G) – generates stitches
17.05 – Moving the diamond to manipulate letters
18.00 – Reshape (H) Greg talks about the baseline
18.33 – Layout – changing the baselines to below, middle or above the lettering
19.50 – Changing and reshaping each letter within the word
20.29 – Pressing shift while moving an object makes it move up and down in a line
21.48 – left clicking on a letter just selects a letter so you can change the size of the letter individually
22.31 – Changing the baseline
27.42 – Changing the sequence
30.22 – Options
33.40 – Location of Documentation and Tools with Online User Manual
34.32 – Standard Alphabet – recommended sizes and stitch methods
38.38 – Pull compensation
40.57 – Travel Tools
48.28 – Auto spacing
01.02.48 – Using arcs and baselines
01.04.30 – Auto start and auto end
01.05.06 – Options – output and small stitches
01.07.00 – Class ends here