The ES e3.0 Update 6 is available!

We are pleased to announce the release of Update 6 for EmbroideryStudio e3.

In ES e3.0Z Update 6, we have implemented some new features along with a number of minor adjustments and have fixed usability issues either reported by you or implemented as our own initiative - part of the continuous improvement process.

If you wish to know the detail about e3.0Z Update 6, please find its release note pdf file of ES e3.

How to access the Update?

The software will automatically notify user when the update is available by popping up a message box if user's PC is connected to Internet. User may simply click on the OK button to start downloading and installing the software update. 

Alternatively, user may go to Download Center to download e3.0Z Update 6.  

What if I haven't installed the previous e3 Update? 

The update package is always accumulated with the previous update. So, even if you haven't installed any update for e3 software, you still can install update 6 directly.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to go to Wilcom Support for more info.