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Using Lettering for Quotes and Sayings with Hatch Embroidery, Plus Bonus FREE Designs

How to create interesting typography embroidery designs

Bernadett Csaszar 2 3570 Article rating: 4.5

Find useful tips on how to create amazing typography designs using the 'fontastic' variety of professionally digitized fonts in Hatch Embroidery and learn how to ensure your font sizing is right to achieve beautifully stitched out lettering every time.

Take Your Monogramming to the Next Level!

Watch videos on the basics of lettering and adding borders to your monograms

Jenny 0 3743 Article rating: 5.0

Monogramming is a great tool for instantly personalizing your embroidery or sewing projects. This week we are talking lettering and bring you a handy guide on another aspect of monogramming you may not be familiar with. We will show you how to add decorative borders to monograms.

Adding & Editing Lettering with Hatch Embroidery - Tutorial & FREE design

Step-by-step guide and a gorgeous free wedding/anniversary embroidery design

Bernadett Csaszar 0 5294 Article rating: 5.0

This step-by-step tutorial will show you how you can take an existing embroidery design and change the names and the date quick and easy with Hatch Embroidery. You can even change the colors to suit the theme of the event.

Creating Simple Monograms in Hatch Embroidery Software - FREE Monogram Design

Use one of the many Hatch Monogram Design templates to quickly create your own monogram

Bernadett Csaszar 0 9516 Article rating: 3.2

Hatch Embroidery Monogrammer gives you numerous options that allow you to make the monogram uniquely yours. In this blog post we will show you how to quickly create your own monogram by modifying the Monogram Design Templates that come with the software.  Most of the time you will only make a few changes, such as the letters, font type and size, but we will go over several of the steps, so you can select which ones you want to use when creating your own monograms.

Team Spirit Ribbon Project with FREE Instructions & Embroidery Design

Show your team your support with personalized ribbons by Kristie J. Smith

Bernadett Csaszar 0 5474 Article rating: 4.5
Nothing says team spirit like customized team clothing and accessories. Cheerleaders, students and fans of all ages love supporting their team with team-related gear and these hair bows add detail to accessorize any team attire. Enjoy this easy lesson in embroidering ribbons by the wonderful Kristie J. Smith. The result is sure to impress and cheer on your team.

Choosing the Right Size Embroidery Lettering for your Project

Get your fonts just right!

Jenny 0 24707 Article rating: 4.7

Getting the embroidery lettering size right is not just about making your final product look great, there are also many practical benefits to using the correct size lettering for your embroidery. This post is about helping you make the decision when it comes to the size of your lettering! 

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