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The 'Bird' Behind the Birds plus FREE Cockatoo Design

Bernadett Csaszar's Machine Embroidery Journey

Wilcom International 5 8876 Article rating: 5.0

This week we bring you the inside 'swoop' on Bernadett. She is responsible for all the incredibly rich content delivered each week on our Hatch Embroidery blog, and since everyone has been raving about the Australian bird life that she digitized, we thought you may be interested to learn a little about her machine embroidery journey.

Digitizing Carlo the Chameleon - Downloadable FREE Design

Learn all about the Stitch Types, Fills, Tools and Techniques used to create this striking design

Bernadett Csaszar 9 10073 Article rating: 5.0

I was so excited to digitize another drawing by the brilliant graphic artist Catherine Noel. The result is this striking guy full of bright colors and textures. Read about all the different stitch types, fills and effects that were used to create this striking design and be sure to download the FREE embroidery design!

See a Horse? It's a Seahorse!

Digitizing Video Tutorials and FREE Design

Bernadett Csaszar 3 24741 Article rating: 5.0

Watch tutorial videos on how this stunning seahorse design was digitized. Learn using the various digitizing tools, stitch types, color blending and shading techniques. Access the downloadable FREE design and most importantly, have fun!

Embroidery Digitizing Class with Kim

Useful Tips and Bonus FREE Easter Egg Design

Bernadett Csaszar 4 5590 Article rating: 4.6

In this week’s blog article we give you useful tips on how to avoid some common pitfalls when manually digitizing. We used our Easter egg design to highlight important elements of the digitizing process such as adding a basting stitch, adding special stitch effects and working out your digitizing and stitch order.

Manual Digitizing Without Artwork is Easy Using Hatch Embroidery Software

No artwork? No problem when using Hatch!

Bernadett Csaszar 2 11019 Article rating: 4.9
You don’t always need background artwork to manually digitize a simple design. Hatch Embroidery Software gives you many tools and features to make digitizing your own designs very easy. In this article we are going to answer all the questions you may have about manual digitizing. We give you step by step instructions and two fantastic videos to show you how simple it can be.
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