Halloween Lettering Fun with Hatch Embroidery for Beginners

Editing letters to achieve fantastic effects and create spooktacular designs without digitizing

Bernadett Csaszar 2 5037 Article rating: 5.0

We had a little play with lettering to demonstrate the amazing creative editing capabilities of the software. The only limit is your imagination when it comes to customizing or personalizing items with Hatch Embroidery!

The 'Bird' Behind the Birds plus FREE Cockatoo Design

Bernadett Csaszar's Machine Embroidery Journey

Wilcom International 5 8863 Article rating: 5.0

This week we bring you the inside 'swoop' on Bernadett. She is responsible for all the incredibly rich content delivered each week on our Hatch Embroidery blog, and since everyone has been raving about the Australian bird life that she digitized, we thought you may be interested to learn a little about her machine embroidery journey.

The Wonderful World of Motif Fills

Bonus FREE Design by Nicola Elliott

Bernadett Csaszar 8 9025 Article rating: 4.2

I was so excited to be collaborating with the beautiful Nicola Elliott again! Nicola offered to draw and digitize something special just for us and you for Mother's Day, and I grabbed the opportunity with both hands, because it gave me the chance to talk about how you can create really outstanding embroidery in Hatch using Motif fills.

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