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Thanksgiving DIY & Embroidery Inspirations with FREE Design

Great tips for beautiful home decorations and gifts

Thanksgiving is almost upon us again, and what better way to celebrate than by adding personal touches to your home in honor of the occasion? Creating your own DIY decoration can be a fun way of putting your own stamp on the season. Explore your creativity in our latest inspirational blog article loaded with great tips and ideas!

This particular holiday is heavy on symbolism, so you are spoiled for choice when looking for ideas for embroidery and home and table decorations that your whole family will love! Read about a few of the most famous symbols associated with the season you can use as inspiration.

We also have a simple but stylish free pumpkin embroidery design for you and some ideas on how you can use it to create a thoughtful gift or home decoration.

At the end of this article you will find a button to access the FREE pumpkin embroidery designs (with and without text).

The Symbolism of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is associated with many symbols that date back to the very first celebration of the occasion.


The Horn of Plenty

Often called a Cornucopia, the Horn of Plenty is a popular Thanksgiving table decoration. It is a horn-shaped container, traditionally a goat’s horn, which is filled with a variety of harvest fruits. This symbol of Thanksgiving has its origins in Greek mythology and makes for a wonderful embroidery design due to the variety of colors and textures you can use.


Here is how you can create your own by Martha Stewart.

cornucopia with pumpkins



It just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie! These cuddly-looking vegetables are particularly associated with the season and make cute embroidered home decorations, thanks to their bright orange color and round shape.

However, there would have been no pumpkin pie at the first Thanksgiving feast, as the butter and flour needed to make pie crust would not have been available. Pumpkins are native to North America and there is evidence of them from as early as 7,000 BC! They became synonymous with Thanksgiving when a magazine editor named Sarah Josepha Hale published some recipe ideas for Thanksgiving, including pumpkin pie, in the mid-1800s. These recipes set the menu for the Thanksgiving feast we all know and love today.

Pumpkins make great table decorations too. See more here.



When the Pilgrims first sat down with the Wampanoag Indians, it is known that fowl were on the menu. It is also recorded historically that the settlers hunted wild turkeys during the fall of 1621. Turkey has been part of the traditional Thanksgiving meal ever since Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863. This is a golden opportunity to really get creative with your embroidery. For instance, you can stick to a traditional, realistic-looking design, or choose a cartoon turkey nervously awaiting his fate!

These cute embroidery designs from Emblibrary will look great on a tea towel or napkin



A fun way of getting the kids involved in the preparations is to make these yummy cone cakes. Click for the recipe here.



Fall Leaves

Red, gold, and brown leaves are yearly reminders of the harvest season, and the gradual changing of hues that occurs each fall is one of nature's most spectacular sights. You can experiment with texture and different stitching styles when embroidering corn designs, and they make attractive, subtle decorations.

Quilting really lends itself to using the autumn leaves theme with its many shades of colors. Find the tutorial for this beautiful table runner here.




Hatch Pumpkin Design

This simple but beautiful pumpkin design that was digitized by OESD Embroidery Designs is included in the Hatch Embroidery Software. One of our lovely Hatchers, Kristie J Smith added some Thanksgivings related lettering to it to make it more personal. 

You can access these FREE pumpkin embroidery designs (with and without text) at the end of this article. 




Ideas for Using The Pumpkin Design

A unique tea towel, great for a hostess gift for Thanksgiving by Kristie J Smith.

Decorative hand towels for your bathroom to enhance the festive spirit.

Beautiful Thanksgiving themed cushion for the lounge room or bedroom or as a gift.


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Hope you enjoyed this article, let us know your thoughts in a comment below.

Happy Embroidering!

Bernadett & the Hatch Team


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