Published on Monday, January 8, 2018

Journal Cover Project with ITH Crazy Patch Heart by Lindee Goodall

Video tutorials, downloadable instructions and FREE Design

Creating a journal cover with crazy patch and motif run stitches


Journal and book covers are quick and easy sewing projects and are perfect for jazzing up a basic composition book, notebook or other book. And for us as embroiders, they provide a great little canvas to show off some favorite designs.

In a previous post, Mastering Motifs, we learned how to create our own motifs, how to install a downloaded library, and how to use motifs as lines and stamps. Now we'll use that design to create a journal cover. 

The Victorian Crazy Patch Heart requires a bit more interaction at the machine than does a standard appliqué. The first piece is placed face up but all the following pieces are placed face down, a seam is stitched, and then the piece is flipped over and secured before applying the next piece.  

This is a relatively simple process, but can be hard to visualize if you've never done paper piecing or foundation piecing before. This video will cover the process of stitching the design. 

Before you stitch your design, you'll want to measure for your journal cover and determine the placement. You may find you need to cut your fabric larger than the finished size to accommodate proper hooping. I prefer not to float items unless it really is the best option. 

How to Stitch Victorian Crazy Piecing In-the-Hoop

This video covers measuring and constructing your journal cover. When planning your front placement, remember to use the actual front cover width and not calculate based on the fabric width. Part of the fabric width will be over the spine of the book and that can throw off measures you make on the fabric. 




How to Sew a Journal Cover


You can also download printable, step-by-step instructions for the project and the FREE Crazy Heart Patch design by clicking the button below.





Lindee Goodall has been digitizing since 1994 and was the founder of Cactus Punch. Currently she is a solopreneur, creating designs, blog posts, YouTube videos, and other content for avid embroiderers.

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