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Get Inspired with Hatch this Wedding Season!

Unique Wedding Projects and Ideas

Wedding season is upon us in the Northern Hemisphere! Whether you’re getting married, involved in a wedding or simply attending as a guest, you’ll love this list of embroidery-themed wedding inspirations! We've curated ideas for everyone from the bride and groom, the bridesmaids to the wedding guests. 

For the Bride

Embroidered Veil / Dress Decorations

Image: Hello

The embroidered veil really hit the spotlights when Angelina Jolie got married. The actress wore a simple white gown and veil on which she had pictures drawn by her kids embroidered onto. While many brides will perhaps not go as far as Angelina, a small touch of decorative embroidery can be a basic but transformative addition to any wedding ensemble! Try a simple monogram on the corner of the veil or an embroidered trim on along the edges – both great touches that won’t distract from the main features!


Embroidered Hair Pieces

Image: Fletcher and Grace

To complete the bridal ensemble, there is nothing more elegant than an embroidered hairpiece. Choose a simple pin or head band or go all out with a range of embellishments and ornaments. We love a basic lace embroidery piece like the image above, created easily with Hatch Embroidery Applique' (available in Hatch Digitizer)! For the bolder brides, some of the more ornamental pieces feature beading, jewels and even flowers – something that’s sure to make a statement! 


Embroidered Robe

Image:  Homebodii

A necessity for pre-wedding preparations, the bridal robe is a simple but luxurious part of the entire wedding experience! Not just for brides, these robes can be customized to include all those involved in the pre-wedding rituals. Choose to place a simple monogram on the back of the robe for a classic look or opt for a more opulent display as per the image above. Whether you’re including a simple embroidered trim or opt to go for a full-embroidered effect, the pre-wedding robe will see you through an essential part of your big day, so why not make it a little bit decorative? 

Embroidery / Monogramming on Shoes

Image: Bridal Guide

When you think embroidery, it’s rare that your mind jumps to shoes. However we love the look of some basic embroidery on the shoes, either as a decoration or a sentimental nod to the bride and groom or even the wedding date. Embroidered shoes are a great way to get creative if you’re not looking to make a bold statement but want a little something extra. 

Hidden Embroidery Wedding Date

Image: Bridal Guide

This is a fantastic idea for those that plan on keeping their wedding dresses as a memento. Embroidering the wedding date onto an under-layer of the dress is a wonderfully sentimental way to make your wedding day even more memorable. A lot of brides and grooms choose to embroider the date of their wedding onto other clothing or even onto accessories like handkerchiefs. 


For the Groom

Embroidered Cuffs and/or Collar

Image: Maggie Harkov

Brides aren’t the ones that have all the fun! Grooms can also give a nod to their wedding days in many creative ways. The shirt cuff or collar (underneath or behind) are great places for subtly embroidered patterns or lettering. Embroider the joint initials of both parties or the wedding date for a basic but elegant touch that will serve as a special reminder of the big day!


For the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Embroidered Handkerchiefs

Image: Embroidery by Linda

Handkerchiefs are a failsafe item for bridesmaids and groomsmen. They’re small, innocuous and very multipurpose, so if you’re stuck for ideas on what to give your bridesmaids and groomsmen, handkerchiefs are a true classic. Provide a bunch of these for both parties in case of any tears on the big day! For an extra special touch, embroider their initials or a special customized design onto each handkerchief.  Your Hatch Embroidery Library is the perfect place to find some cute designs!

For kids

Activity Sets

Image: Tumblr

We all know that kids can sometimes be a little difficult to entertain, especially when you’ve got your hands full entertaining the grownups already! If you’re planning a wedding where you know there will be kids, it’s probably a smart idea to be prepared for some restlessness. Create some activity packs with a number of engaging activities that children can complete during longer speeches and toasts. Coloring-in books or puzzles are great way to keep those little minds occupied. Sometimes people also sneak in pieces of candy (of course keep potential allergies in mind)! 


For the Ceremony

Embroidery Hoop Ornaments and Decorations

Image: Emmaline Bride

Embroidery hoops have about a million and one uses so naturally they’re sure to come in handy on a wedding day in one way or another! Use embroidery hoops as frames to display artworks or information. They make great labels – use them as table number displays and they are also perfect as a simple decoration as the image above shows.   


Photo Hoop

Image: Style me Pretty

If you’ve got larger hoops lying around, turn them into this fabulous photo hoop to display your pictures as they develop! This is a great way to involve everyone and will be unique way to keep lasting memories from the big day. This idea is perfect if you’re planning on having a photo booth and give people the option to paste their own pictures into the hoop. 

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