Published on Thursday, February 19, 2015

Perfect and Customize Your Small Lettering

Use 'User-Refined Letters' to Perfect and Customize your Small Lettering

Now that you've learnt the basics of Small Lettering, it's time to get creative! Did you know you can customize your Small Lettering by saving unique versions of the same letter? Learn how to achieve beautiful personalized looks with 'User-Refined Letters'!

Take a look at the video below for a quick overview

So what are User Refined Letters and when/how can you use this feature? User-refined Letters is a standard feature in EmbroideryStudio e3 (lettering, editing and designing). It allows you to save multiple, unique versions of the same letter within the same alphabet. Each one of these versions can have its own unique height range!

Once you’ve made and tested a letter for a particular size, and are happy with the result, you can simply save the variant for later use. When using the letter in a design, the height setting automatically determines which version of lettering to use. This saves you a massive amount of time and effort, with the alternative being manually reshaping the same letter every single time! 

At a 1:1 ratio this is what the letters look like …

In many cases, the eye of the 'e' tends to close up. The sample we see here is a Block2, which is not recommended for the 5mm letter.

To edit the eye of the 'e', select and click the 'Reshape' tool then click the lettering outline.

Adjust the letter, as shown in the image above, then you can save it- as per the instructions below. 

How to Save the Letter

If the letter is part of a word, select the 'Reshape' mode and click on the pink diamond control point.  Where it is blue, this means it is selected- as per the image below. 

With the letter selected, go to Object>Create User-Refined Letter

Note: If your default letter has been left unchanged, 'Create User-Refined Letter' will be greyed out. 

For the letter 'e' specifically, we only want to use the edited version when it is less than 5mm tall. 

How to Manage User-Refined Letters

First make sure the letter is selected. Go to setup > manage user-refined alphabet
Adjust the height range by moving the controls for individual letters. You can delete or uncheck it if you no longer want to use the variant

Ultimately, while it seems to be an arduous process it is actually fairly easy to grasp these concepts. For a re-cap on small lettering, click here to see our previous blog on the basics of small lettering. For more information on the element, click here for the information page.

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Good luck with your digitizing!

The Wilcom Team 

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