Published on Monday, June 8, 2015

Trend: The New Maximalist!

The Latest in Embroidery Trends: The New Maximalist!

Bold designs and embroidered pieces are currently having their moment in the sun! However 'maximalism', as we call it, comes with a twist this time around. The sharp, neat designs inspired by minimalist artists have yet to completely fade away, and what we're seeing now is a modern hybrid of the two- a kind of measured and neat maximalism (which can be achieved perfectly with strategic embroidery!)

We went straight to the number one source for style inspiration and trends, and took a look at why this year more is more. Read on to find out more on the latest, 'new maximalism' trend and learn about why now is the time to incorporate bits of it into your life!

More is definitely more…

If we’ve taken one thing away from the catwalks this season is that that more definitely is more! Fashion, décor and other lifestyle trends are becoming less minimalistic, and designers are experimenting with bolder accents to highlight strong, clean designs. ‘Excess’ is the buzzword of the moment and, embroidery plays a pivotal role in all of it! Take a look at some of the beautifully embroidered pieces that have been inspired by this trend.

© Vogue, photos by InDigital

Designers at Paris Fashion Week 2015 embraced the ‘new maximalist’ style by showing a renewed interest in unique textures, embellishments, and shapes. However this trend has been escalating for some years now, with previous designers and artists using jazzy touches to make their creations stand out.  In all of this, embroidery has taken centre stage. What makes it different this time around is the fact that these designs show-case maximalism, while still maintaining a neat and tidy- and completely wearable!- look. Take a look at some images we pulled from the Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen and Miu Miu shows, which showcase perfectly how embroidery can really jazz up basic designs to create a unique new look!


© Vogue, photos by InDigital

Embroidery has been used in a simple, yet effective way by these designers. They add an attractive accent and can completely change an outfit whether you’re adding a lot or a little, as seen in these pictures. It’s not just straight-up embroidery either, these fun, maximalist looks can be achieved all kinds of ways, including applique and sequins or, if you’re feeling daring, with some 3D accents. Now is a great time to add some punchy designs to any old or outdated clothes in need of a style make-over.

Embracing Maximalism- DiY 

Experimenting with different fabrics, textures and colors is a great way to spruce up basic items. And a great starting point is embroidery! Adding embroidered patterns onto clothes, or wearing embroidered jeweler will instantly give your personal style a little something extra. Embroidery also works well on many home décor items such as pillows, dust ruffles and towels, or even slightly more unconventional items like furniture – like below!

© Volk Furniture

So what is it about this maximalist style that just grabs people’s attention? It’s all about the mix- a little bit bohemian, undone yet with a stylish, ‘lived-in’ feel- yet it's not messy in the traditional sense- thanks to the lasting influence of clean lines and neat designs- which has been popular as well recently. 

The idea of ‘more is more’ allows your own personality to shine through with barely any effort. It's not too Spartan, yet it's not an unmanageable, 'Hoarders'-level of disorganization, it's basically excess without the mess! Not to mention the lack of upkeep required to execute this style, which is always a plus.

There has never been a better time to embrace maximalism then right now, when inspiration can be seen everywhere from the high street to the catwalks to your local IKEA store! What do you think of this new trend? Will you be getting into the ‘more is more’ mindset? 

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