Published on Monday, July 3, 2017

EmbroideryStudio e4 Update 1.0 has arrived and it’s FREE!

Update now for new capabilities and improvements


Here at Wilcom we continue to develop our world leading commercial embroidery software. The first major FREE update for EmbroideryStudio e4 has arrived and it brings a number of new capabilities and improvements that you will not want to miss! It also corrects a number of problems, already existing or introduced with previous updates.



Overview of the New Capabilities


  • Automatic machine file naming in the Connection Manager
  • EMB template selection for ‘New from Selected' command in the Design Library
  • Import of Team Names now includes size and additional fields
  • Flexi-split with complex fill objects
  • Addition of Stitch Angles creates Complex Fill Turning objects (not Column A/B) in EmbroideryStudio e4 Designing & Decorating
  • Addition of Stitch Angles for Complex Shapes with Holes
  • Read & Write of e3.6 version EMB designs from Hatch Embroidery software



Key Improvements and Bug Fixes


  • Improved Design Library usability and reliability
  • Improved support for 4k Monitors
  • Improved Lettering and Team Name tools
  • CorelDRAW® linking and undo issues
  • Improved Connection Manager

Updating Your EmbroideryStudio e4 Software


  1. Visit
  2. Click to "Download" the ES Update 1.0 file
  3. Once downloaded, run the file WilcomEmbroideryStudio_4.0N_Update_1.exe
  4. Follow the simple onscreen prompts

  5. Click to restart your computer when complete (NB: Please ensure you have saved any open work before doing this!)

  6. When your PC restarts, run your EmbroideryStudio e4 software. Remember to insert your security dongle.

New Features in EmbroideryStudio e4 Update 1

Automatic Machine File Naming

Connection Manager now provides an option for automatic machine file naming. When enabled, the specified filename format will be used for all machine connections established in Connection Manager.


Filename format Filenames take the format <prefix><number>.<extension>
Prefix ASCII only, no unicode characters. No Windows reserved characters. Length limit 8
Number Numeric only. Range 1 – 99,999,999.
Interval Interval is numeric only and is the amount the number is incremented each time a file is generated. Range is 1 – 99.

Note: When enabled, Kiosk will also use this auto-name specification for all machine files. If not enabled, it will use the kiosk machine file definition.


New From Selected Template in Design Library

You can now specify which EMB template to use in Design Library. Select a graphic file and right-click the ‘New from Selected’ button. This allows you to choose which EMB template to use for the new design you will create from the selected graphic. This template selection is remembered during the current session and used the next time the command is invoked. Left-clicking uses the default selection.


New Button ‘Reset Detail Columns’

Design Library provides a new ‘Reset Detail Columns’ button on the View toolbar:



When viewing design lists in ‘Details’ view, columns can be customized in any order and with a variety of
criteria. To return to the default layout, simply click the new ‘Reset Detail Columns’ button.

Note that default fields vary by file type and are controlled by Windows. Design Library columns for embroidery files are controlled by EmbroideryStudio. These are primarily intended for EMB format but can be useful for other embroidery formats as well. They include such details as design status, customer, order date, etc.



Sometimes Windows resets detail columns to Windows defaults, even for EMB files.



If this happens, use the ‘Reset Detail Columns’ button to reset detail columns to ES defaults. Do this for other embroidery formats as necessary.



Importing Team Name Lists with Additional Size or Other Fields

A ‘size’ field is often added to Team Name lists even though it does not form part of the design. Previously, additional fields were stripped on import. They are now included. While the size field doesn’t appear in the design, it is added to each design name when generated. This allows machinists to ensure they are using the right size garment for the specified name.


To view size fields in the Manage Teams dialog, first save the Team Name file in CSV or TXT format to the EmbroideryStudio e4 system folder. Make sure you use the ‘Teamname Teams’ folder. Don’t use subfolders.


Open the Manage Teams dialog and select the file name in the Teams drop list. All fields will be imported:


Flexi-Split with Complex Fill Objects

Currently flexi-split effect is used mainly with satin stitch. It could always be applied to tatami Input A objects. Now it can be applied to complex fill tatami objects.






Flexi-split is applied to each ‘segment’ of a complex fill as shown above.



Stitch Angles

When creating or selecting complex fill objects with holes, the Stitch Angles tool is now enabled in EmbroideryStudio e4 Decorating.


Also, in EmbroideryStudio e4 Decorating, the addition of stitch angles to closed shapes now results in Complex Turning objects (rather than Input A/B).


Hatch Embroidery Software e3.6 EMB File Format

The latest release allows EmbroideryStudio e4 to read and write Hatch Embroidery EMB e3.6 file format. The standard list of supported formats now includes:





Design Library Improvements


Design Library Refresh

The Design Library display can now be refreshed with a simple ‘F5’ keypress, the same as Windows Explorer.


Pressing Backspace in Search

Previously, holding the Backspace key to clear a search would jump to the cursor to the beginning of the field without deleting the text. This problem has been rectified.

Searching for Non-Native Files

Searching for machine files does not always yield correct results. Problems have also been reported when
searching for ART and T0? files. A related issue has been the mismatching status of the ‘Showing’ field. These problems have been rectified.

Order Information

A problem has occurred with missing order information in the Details pane. This has been rectified.

Browsing the Network for Large Files

Problems have occurred with abnormal loading when browsing through network folders containing large files. This has been rectified.


Design Library Reliability

Occasional Design Library crashes have been reported while carrying out some operations such as:

  • Editing properties in the Design Properties docker. For instance, updating design status in the Details pane and/or Design Properties pane and then saving.
  • The Preview pane can cause the software to crash when selecting a design file while thumbnails are being generated.
  • Also reported – application crashes when moving images from one folder to another.

These problems has been rectified.



Lettering Improvements


Zigzag with Lettering

Previously, users were unable to apply zigzag stitching to selected lettering via the Stitches toolbar. Zigzag was disabled and could not be selected. This problem has been rectified.

Character Display

Characters are replaced by a ~ character in the Lettering field when they don’t appear in the font. Selecting another font causes the lettering object to be completely removed. This problem has been rectified.


Non-Existent Character Display

In the Insert Symbol dialog, non-existent characters are now displayed as squares and used when inserted into a design. A ‘fallback character’ is displayed below the blank placeholder character.

Tip: If you want to check whether a character exists in a font, copy the fallback character and paste it into an MS Word document. Then try changing fonts until you find one that includes the character.


3D Futuro Embroidery Font

The 3D Futuro embroidery font has been improved and repackaged.


Recommended Letter Heights

Recommended letter heights for 3D and some other fonts have been reviewed and the user manual updated accordingly.



Team Name Improvements


Adding Columns to the Members List

There used to be a 10 column limit on the number of team members you could add. You can now add a virtually unlimited number of columns. Note, however, that only the first 100 will be saved.


Manage Teams Button

The Manage Teams button should not be selected by default immediately after the Team Names docker is opened. This problem has been rectified.



File Export for Team Names

The file export dialog for team names now displays correctly.



Design Shifts When Saving Team Names

When saving a Team Name design with ‘Repeated design and Team Names with Stops’ selected, the design gets shifted in the output files. This problem has been rectified.


Adding Lettering Art to Team Names

You can add lettering art to Team Name objects from lettering properties accessed via the Team Names docker. Circumstances have been reported where lettering art is applied but then lost. This problem has been rectified when switching between two team names. There may be other circumstances, however, that have not been identified or addressed.



Team Name Letter Spacing

Team Name letter spacing issues have been reported in cases where a design contains very long names or different numbers of names.

The solution is to edit the baseline to make more space available, or change the method of size reduction in lettering properties:

Adjust baseline settings for ‘fit text’ either using ‘Spacing and Width’ or ‘Spacing and Size’:

Visualization Improvements


Stitch Player Works with ZSK

Stitch Player has been enhanced to work with ZSK files. It now provides the option of stopping at color
changes in the same way as ZSK (formerly ZANGS) embroidery machines would act.


Viewing Bling

The Show Bling command is currently missing from the Digitizing product level. This problem has been


 Reshaping Objects on a 4K Screen at 200% Scaling

A number of issues have been reported when reshaping objects on a 4K screen at 200% scaling:

  • Unable to reshape a manual or manual triple run object. Node points are not shown.
  • Unable to reshape an individual motif dropped with Use Motif.
  • Unable to reshape a manual sequin object.

These problems have been rectified.



Usability Improvements

Color Palette Scrolling

In instances where the color palette is full, you need to click the spin box to scroll through the available colors. Previously, the palette reverted to first position when you start digitizing. It now remains at the current color slot. This allows you to easily select nearby colors.

Tip: You can always float the color palette to display the full range of colors (max 128). This is more practical when using a high resolution (4K) monitor or second monitor.

Product Registration

There have been requests to include a ‘Product Registration’ option in the Help menu. This has now been
added to allow users to both register their product and/or check its current status. If already registered, it will display your current serial number and dongle tag number. If not registered, it will walk you through the process.


Kiosk Locking

Some related issues are causing problems when the Kiosk lock setting is activated in the Options dialog:

  • Toolbars are unavailable via the Window > Toolbars menu.
  • Opening designs from Design Library invokes the Kiosk instead of the Wilcom Decoration screen.

These problems have been rectified.



Kiosk Controls after Exiting Kiosk Mode

Some Kiosk controls appear in the Wilcom Decoration window immediately after exiting the Kiosk mode. This problem has been rectified.


Scrolling Through Items in Product Visualizer

The mouse scroll-wheel now works correctly and faster when scrolling through the product listing.


PDF Printing

A number of problems have been reported in relation to PDF printing from the Print Preview window.

  • The Print Preview > Print to PDF command ignores the Portrait / Landscape setting. It always creates a portrait display.
  • The software reports an error attempting to read the license for the NovaPDF software after a Windows 10 update.
  • Similarly, a NovaPDF license error is sometimes reported after starting up the software.

These problems have been rectified.



Graphics Handling Improvements


CorelDRAW® X8 64-bit Installation in Graphics Mode

When switching to CorelDRAW® Graphics mode, the software previously warned (erroneously) that CorelDRAW® X8 was not installed. This problem has been rectified.


Undoing Bitmap Modifications

Problems have been reported when attempting to undo repositioning or transformation of large bitmaps inserted into the software via CorelDRAW® Graphics mode. This has been rectified.


Undo Actions Between Wilcom Decoration and CorelDRAW® Graphics

Problems have been reported when undoing actions after switching between Wilcom Decoration and CorelDRAW Graphics. These have been rectified.



File Handling Improvements

Language Improvements

Truncation problems in some dialogs have been reported in languages other than English. These have been rectified.



Pique Polo in Spanish Interface

In Spanish language, the fabric type ‘pique polo’ was missing from the auto-fabric settings. This problem has been rectified.


Application Crashes when Saving User-Refined Letters

There have been reports of application crashes when saving a user-refined letter in German or French interfaces. This issue has been rectified.



System Improvements

Icons in the Object Properties docker

Incorrect icons have appeared in the Object Properties docker when not all options are enabled. This problem has been rectified.


Color Changes with Colorway Editor Docker

Problems have occurred when clicking a color in the Colorways list of the Colorway Editor docker. Any selected object’s color incorrectly changes. This problem has been rectified.


Generic Write Error

‘Generic Write Errors’ have been reported when saving designs incorporating images imported via CorelDRAW® Graphics. This problem has been rectified.


CorelDRAW® in ES Dockers

Problems have been reported with CorelDRAW® ‘artefacts’ persisting in Wilcom Decoration dockers. These have been rectified.


Using High-End Wacom Tablets

With the initial release of ES e4, the user had to do an extra swipe to obtain a right-click action on high-end Wacom tablets. For example, when creating curve points with a digitizing tool. This problem has been rectified. Input behaviour is as it was in ES e3.


Application Crashes with Packaged Team Name Sample Designs

When Team Names Advanced is unavailable, there have been reports of application crashes when opening packaged Team Name samples. This problem has been rectified.




Failure to Create Empty Document

When a Complex Fill object is created and the design saved (EMB or machine file format), a ‘Failed to create empty document’ is displayed when attempting to create a new design. Also most of the UI is grayed out and the software unusable until restarted. This has been rectified.


Communications with the Happy Voyager Machine

Problems have been reported when downloading design files to the Happy Voyager machine via Machine Manager. A serial error is shown on the machine panel. This problem has been rectified.


Internal Envelope Error

An Internal Envelope Error has been reported in relation to system security. This problem has been rectified.



If you encounter a problem with the EmbroideryStudio e4.0 software update, refer to the following sources for help:

  • Wilcom EmbroideryStudio e4.0 User Manual – select Help > User Manual.
  • Wilcom EmbroideryStudio e4.0 Onscreen Help – select Help > Onscreen Help
  • Windows help – select Start > Help and Support
  • Windows manual – documentation supplied with your hardware.

If you are unable to solve a problem, you should contact your Wilcom dealer. Before seeking help, check that your PC meets the system requirements and check the Troubleshooting chapter of the User Manual.




If you have any questions, please contact your local Wilcom dealer or distributor in your country.


Copyright © 1990-2017 Wilcom Pty Ltd, Wilcom International Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.



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