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Angelina Jolie’s embroidered wedding dress makes headlines

Angelina Jolie Wedding Dress
Credit: People Magazine

Angelina Jolie Wedding Dress Hello Mag
Credit: Hello! Magazine

Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress certainly turned heads last month and whether people love it or hate it (and there have definitely been strong opinions from both sides!) there is no denying its originality. In case you haven’t already heard, the entire back-half of Angelina’s wedding dress and veil were embroidered with artwork that was crafted by her children. Take a look at some of the images from People and Hello! Magazine below and keep reading for more information about the look and what you need to achieve it on your own!

How she got the look

The images were hand-embroidered onto Angelina Jolie’s dress by noted Versace tailor Luigi Massi. Though it has not been officially publicised, it is safe to say that entire process would have taken quite a while and cost a pretty penny (Time Magazine estimates around $3600.00)! Embroidering on material as delicate as antique silk has the added risk of something going wrong, especially if you were to use a machine. Wilcom embroidery specialist, Lynn, suggests using a water soluble stabilizer when doing the actual embroidering. The material would then be dipped in water, to dissolve the stabilizer, leaving the design in place.

Angelina Jolie Donatella Sketch
Sketches of Angelina Jolie's wedding dress designed by
Donatella Versace. Credit: Courtesy of Versace

So if you choose to go the machine embroidery route, how would you actually approach the digitizing process? Copying Luigi Massi’s hand-embroidered designs may seem difficult or time consuming or impossible! But getting the same general effect is actually quite simple, especially with embroidery software. Digitizing hand drawings is easy these days, with many options available for freehand work. Tablets and touch screens are a popular medium for their ease and control options as well as their compatibility to embroidery software. The Wacom tablet especially is an industry favourite for freehand work. Paired with such tools like Wilcom’s element, ‘Freehand’, paired with EmbroideryStudio Designing, users can draw, trace or copy their personal designs onto a tablet, transfer this file to a machine and achieve beautiful embroidered results! Using Wilcom’s ‘Freehand’ tool is a great way to cut corners when it comes to digitizing, click here for more information about ‘Freehand’.

FreeHand Embroidery

Net-A-Porter | NICHOLAS KIRKWOOD - Mexican embroidered patent-leather pumps Net-a-porter embroidered shoes

Other brands adopt the ‘Angelina’ trend + the re-emergence of embroidered wedding dresses

Naturally, when a high profile celebrity does something ‘original’, it tends to catch on with the masses pretty quickly. Not only has Angelina’s dress caused a massive buzz among hard-core ‘Brangelina’ fans; many onlookers have also voiced their interest in the concept. One tabloid website’s “Would you do it?” poll sporting over 60% of voters answering “Yes!” to the idea of embroidering doodles onto a wedding dress. We predict tailors and embroiderers will be getting busy in the next couple of months! And why not get a share of the action? Digitize and embroider your own designs and images, click here for more information on the software and tools you’ll need to re-create the ‘Angelina’ trend.

While the idea of an embroidered wedding dress is nothing new, we’ve definitely seen a return to more elaborate patterns and designs. Moving away from the simplistic, sleek and satiny designs made popular last decade, embellishments, lace and embroidery have made an explosive comeback. Kate Middleton’s lace-and-embroidery fused wedding dress and Kim Kardashian’s latest (despite controversial opinion either way!) gown both caused an enormous splash in both off and online media. Correspondingly, the trend has also moved beyond wedding dresses. Clothing brands have utilised embroidery for centuries however now the cartoonish prints on Angelina’s dress can be found on all different pieces of apparel from sweatshirts to shoes to bags! The Carven sweatshirt embroidery below has an uncanny resemblance to Angelina’s and these Nicholas Kirkwood embroidered pumps are also an amazing example of embroidered accessories.


Whether Angelina’s dress appeals to you personally or not, it is undeniable that it will (if it hasn’t already!) spark a trend of embroidering various types of images onto bridal gowns. On the tail of this, DiY’s and various methods of personalization will emerge, giving anyone the ability to create the same effect. Using programs like EmbroideryStudio Designing, paired with the Freehand element, you can achieve Luigi Massi’s embroidered look in an instant. However there is more than just one way to embroider today. With modern embroidery software, machines or a needle-and-stitch hand embroidery approach, there are a plethora of ways to achieve this look without breaking sweat!

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