Wilcom’s affiliate program gives you the opportunity to earn commission by promoting our ecommerce product, TrueSizer Pro.

What is Wilcom’s Affiliate Program?

The Wilcom Affiliate Program allows you to earn commission on TrueSizer Pro sales made as a result of your marketing efforts. The Wilcom Affiliate Program is administered through Avangate; a platform that is designed to make it easy for you to earn commission with Affiliate sales and marketing resources available to you instantly.

What is TrueSizer Pro?

TrueSizer Pro is the first and only Wilcom product to be sold online. Wilcom’s TrueSizer Pro is a powerful low cost product that allows users to make small changes and amendments to embroidery designs. It is the perfect tool for customer service and sales, allowing designs to be visualized on products, or in hoops and to be shared via personalized Production Worksheets. To find out more about this amazing product visit the TrueSizer Pro product page.

Can anyone apply become an affiliate?

No matter whether you are a Wilcom Partner, a large retailer, content site or blogger you can apply* to become a Wilcom affiliate.

For further enquires and more information…

For further information about the Wilcom Affiliate Program please visit the Affiliate Learn More page or click on the button below. 

Conditions apply:

* Affiliate applications are accepted on a discretionary basis. Wilcom reserves the right to reprove submitted applications that are not considered appropriate.
** Product prices are subject to alteration at any time. Changes in product price may impact affiliate commission in a material way.