Wilcom launches TrueSizer Pro

Sydney, Australia: May 1, 2014– Wilcom International today launches the newest addition to the TrueSizer family, TrueSizer Pro. This new software will allow users to alter and view their existing designs more freely on top of the capabilities of the original TrueSizer.

Wilcom has led the industry with ongoing innovations that push the boundaries of creativity and originality and the TrueSizer Pro product is no exception.

The success of TrueSizer

Coming off the success of free TrueSizer, Wilcom’s newest release is a more versatile and powerful version of the original without foregoing any of the features available with the current TrueSizer. TrueSizer Pro gives users more flexibility, including the ability to recolour designs based on colourways, extensive garment and hoop display options and a fantastic way to share final designs.

New Features

Create Multiple Colourways: Create and save multiple colourways in .EMB designs and match threads to all colour slots in the current colourways. This will allow for easy editing where different design options are required for various garment choices and colours i.e. a blue logo being adapted to another colour to better compliment a blue polo shirt. 

View Designs in Hoops and on Garments: Users will be able to visualise their designs in hoops and on garments so that designs can be easily and accurately sized and positioned. With over 50 product templates to choose from and over 60 hoops, TrueSizer Pro will provide users with a much more accurate way to visualise their final designs.

Design Approval Sheets: Being able to view designs on garments is a vital part of not only the design process but it is also a crucial part of the approval and production process. Design approval sheets allow you to share a more accurate depiction of a final design displaying the design size and location on garments. Sharing design approval sheets with clients and production teams will provide them with a better view of how the design will actually look on the garment, including size, placement and colour. 

Open multiple designs: TrueSizer Pro gives you the ability to work on several designs simultaneously, allowing you to open as many designs as you like within the same screen. This can be useful when needing to refer to multiple designs or when showcasing design options to customers.

Availability and Pricing

TrueSizer Pro will be available to purchase via the Wilcom.com website on May 1, 2014, the product will be available as a software download with an introductory price of $59USD (rrp $US99). Find out more.

About Wilcom

In 1979 Wilcom's founders shared a vision for automating the embroidery industry that has changed the way people create and produce embroidered goods. A global organisation headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Wilcom has led the industry with ongoing innovations that push the boundaries of creativity in personalised expressions, be it in decorated goods or interiors. With a reputation for excellence, Wilcom has become the world's choice for ease-of-use, quality and service. 

Today, Wilcom is present in over 100 countries with products in over 12 languages and has a global community of more than 250,000 licensed customers. Wilcom's growth has been fuelled by continual product innovation, new product development and through joint ventures with strategically compatible partners or direct investment in emerging markets. Wilcom continues to enhance creativity in personalised expressions, by globally implementing best-of-breed solutions for textile impressions. 

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