Press Release: October 18, 2013 

Wilcom Announces Significant Growth in Q1 (Jul-Sept 2013)

Sydney, Australia: October 18, 2013  –  Following a review and re-structure of the company’s business over the past two years, Wilcom today announces July quarter year-on-year growth of 87%. 
Wilcom’s growth has been across a number of sectors of its business, with performances improving year-on-year as follows:

  • Home market up by 316%
  • Australia up by 157%
  • UK up by 28%
  • India up by 30%
  • Southern Europe up by 64%
Increase in revenue is due to the exceptional uptake of the new Wilcom Elements 3 software, the establishment of Wilcom in new sales territories, more aggressive anti-piracy initiatives being enacted by the Company, the enhancement of classroom training for customers and the Company’s increased efforts in the home market. 

“Wilcom has had a very strong first quarter and we are expecting this positive momentum to result in record revenues being achieved this financial year! We are extremely fortunate to have such a strong Partner and Distributor network and appreciate the crucial role this has played in the success of our business. We are dedicated to enhancing the services available to our Partners and creating products that meet and exceed our Partners and customer’s needs” said Jonathan Wright, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Wilcom International.
Looking forward, Wilcom will continue to actively develop its range of product offerings and work with its strong customer base to continually improve and adapt to the ever-changing market place.  

“We are committed to continual product development and innovation and will continue to push the boundaries as we have always done. We look forward to working closely with our Partners in the coming years and continuing our joint success” said Jonathan Wright, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Wilcom International.