Software Update e3.0Q

Sydney, Australia: April 8, 2014 – Wilcom International today announced the third Software Update (e3.0Q) for DecoStudio and EmbroideryStudio e3 as part of their commitment to continuous improvement. This update will become available on Tuesday 8 April 2014, at which time customers will see a prompt for an automatic update when they open their software.

Wilcom is continually investing in development to ensure that customer concerns are captured and resolved and that Wilcom products are performing at the optimal level. This update pays particular attention to improvements and fixes with great importance placed on improving the conversion of text heavy vector files.

The need for improvements in vector file conversions to embroidery and in particular vector files containing text-like objects has been identified and enacted. The results of these improvements are evident in the latest Wilcom software update and can be seen through visually enhanced embroidery, better stitch quality and more accurate detection of letter-like objects within a vector design. 

Within the e3.0Q Software Update Wilcom have also made significant improvements in the following areas:

System performance
- Issues surrounding extended use of EmbroideryStudio
- Machine format setting
- Writing defaults file
Lettering improvements
- TrueType Font conversion
- Multi-line paragraph text conversion
Digitizing improvements
- Converting vector files to embroidery
- Curve edge smoothness
Sequin improvements
- Changing sequin run
- Visual feedback when moving sequins
Output improvements
- Automatic rotation of designs for cap applications
- Color selection for machine icons
- Save options added to Machine Connection Manager
- Capture design bitmap via email
Object properties
- Issues with dual monitors
- Thread and bobbin lengths correction
Korean language support
- Language resources added
- TTF conversion improvements

For more information please see the e3.0Q Software Update Release Notes below:

EmbroideryStudio e3.0Q Software Update

DecoStudio e3.0Q Software Update