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Based on customer feedback, we’ve released a new version of Wilcom ES/EmbroideryStudio


Updating can save you time as well as open up new opportunities for your business. Not only that, but ensuring your technology stays current is vital to for any business. Don’t wait until your hard drive dies!

Why Update my EmbroideryStudio

Here’s just a taste of some of the new features.

What others are saying…

“The experienced Embroidery Studio users will appreciate the shortened start-up time of e3, the new slanted zigzag underlay as well as the new options for Input-C objects. Calligraphic lines are created with only a very few clicks now! There is a wider variety of embroidery fonts, including line type and also Bling. Tool-tip-information in many areas allow the eyes to stay in the working area giving instant feedback to the digitizer.” - Read full review

“I have just started using my new EMBROIDERYSTUDIO software after finally updating my 10 year old software ( :P ) and I L-O-V-E it!!! Well done everyone @ Wilcom, you should be very proud of your product!”
Treefrog Studios, Jan 2013

“Firstly I have to say how great the new software is, it’s put the sparkle back into digitizing for me, there are some great new features even down to the production sheet and ease of thread chart matching ( how far behind were we !!!!! ), so thank you for your email promoting this software.”
Ron, Jan 2013

“The new advanced offsets is very exciting. It now offers both an automatic outline and multiple offsets. You can create multiple ‘outlines’ in a blink of an eye and produce very creative effects. Additionally, you can choose which stitch type you want for each outline & offsets (input C, backstitch, motif run, etc). The best part is that you can determine whether you want the intersecting outline (and offsets, too) to weld together to create a single outline or create separate elements. This is especially exciting for those who want to create a single outline of an entire design. I love it!” - Read full review


CorelDraw X6

Compatible with:

Compatible with Windows 7 and 8