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Basic Embroidery + Multi-decoration

Start Up Embroidery + Multi-decoration

Easy apparel decoration and embroidery design software

  • Just starting out in embroidery?
  • Sick of out-sourcing your embroidery jobs?
  • Want to introduce embroidery as part of your apparel decoration techniques?
  • Want an easy solution for your staff to handle embroidery jobs?

Wilcom has the solutions for you.

Whether you’re adding embroidery to your range of apparel decorations, or starting an embroidery business, DecoStudio is the perfect place to set your anchor stitch. Use TrueSizer to share your designs with others for customer approvals and production.
  • Handle simple embroidery jobs yourself with the vector-to-stitch conversion
  • Streamline the process with your own tools to edit and adapt out-sourced embroidery
  • Learn embroidery with ‘training wheels’ – built-in best practice stitch settings
  • With CorelDRAW Graphics Suite included, it’s your all-in-one solution for screen-print, engraving, laser cutting and more


Wilcom’s renowned stitch technology integrated with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6, makes DecoStudio the easiest way to create stunning embroidery, printing, laser cutting, rhinestone designs and more!

Add as you grow



Light up your designs with Bling!
Virtual Decoration

Virtual Decoration

Print high resolution embroidery TrueView simulation
Offsets Standard

Offsets Standard

Quickly create borders around multiple objects for sports and badges
Team Names Standard

Team Names Standard

Personalize team and corporate logos quickly and efficiently
AutoDigitize Bitmaps

AutoDigitize Bitmaps

Quickly convert bitmaps to usable embroidery file


Free embroidery conversion software

Wilcom’s free software allows anyone to work with the industry preferred all-in-one Wilcom .EMB file format. You can open over 40 different embroidery file formats, view and size the design and save it as an .EMB or any of the 30 supported embroidery machine stitch formats.

DecoStudio Lite

DecoStudio Lite e3 is Wilcom’s entry level embroidery software and is packaged with new embroidery machines to help new businesses get started with embroidery.
Integrated with CorelDRAW Essentials X6, DecoStudio Lite comes with a set of graphic design tools and vector to embroidery conversion. With its easy-to-use lettering, monogramming, and basic editing tools, it’s a cost-effective way to get started with custom embroidery.  You can even add the Bling element to incorporate rhinestones into your customer’s multi-decoration designs. 

Note: Available as an embroidery machine bundle only.