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Wilcom Software for Embroidery, Fashion Textiles and Design Technology

The best way to teach and to learn is with the best tools.

Industry-standard software and unequalled educational programs are the reasons why fashion, design and textile schools move Wilcom to the head of the class.

Start with the Basics

Your students begin by learning the basics. Use EmbroideryStudio e4 Designing or EmbroideryStudio e4 Decorating to teach them the fundamentals of both embroidery and digital design.

Every Discipline in One System

As your students' skills grow, they'll use EmbroideryStudio e4 to learn multi-decoration skills from sequin to Chenille. EmbroideryStudio e4 will expand their creativity, with tools like borders, shadings and letter design. And they'll work on production too, learning to control connectors, travel runs, machines codes, and more.

Rich Visualization Tools

Students can see highly accurate simulations of their finished work on screen which saves on material costs while they're learning. The features like TrueView (which realistically renders stitching, shadings, textures and more on the screen), and Slow Redraw which lets them watch a simulation of their design being stitched, help them learn more quickly and in realtime.

Multi-User Networked Licenses

We now have multi-user network security devices to allow for easy classroom set up and security. We provide Educational pricing and Student discounts qualifying schools.

Training and Support

We'll train your teachers to use Wilcom's software and show them some of the best teaching practices we've learned from our other educational customers. Our support team is always there to help or just to share ideas.

User Manual

We also know your teachers need textbooks: bouncing back and forth with F1 Help is a rough way to teach. That's why we supply a complete, hyperlinked and well indexed user manual: an indispensable course companion.

Case Studies

Here's what Polly Kenny from the London College of Fashion says about teaching students embroidery:

The Wilcom EmbroideryStudio e4 software is really useful for increasing our capacity for doing work simulated learning within the college and we particularly need that foundation degree courses. 

It’s been quite easy to start teaching with Wilcom software because you can use it from a basic point of view and then add extra skills when students become practiced at a basic level, so it’s important for them to learn how to digitize and then to actually add new ideas and innovations to that."

Here's how Tina Downs tells us her students at Nottingham Trent University use Wilcom:

We're getting into really creative things. We have students who work in a really commercial way towards fashion application working with ideas for garment, placement designs but we also have students who want to see really how far they can push the technology where different yarns and different threads shrinking fabrics after they're stitched on and weaving fabrics stitching into them, working with really long threads all kinds of different things. So that's where the excitement is for us and what we can do really.

Tina Downs | Nottingham Trent University