Virtual Decoration

Who has experienced this?

  • customers who want huge embroidered designs on t-shirts
  • customers who want embroidery but for print prices
  • customers who are looking for something different

There is a solution! Bring the look of embroidery to your printed designs.

  • Offer customers a rich embroidered look with printing!
  • High resolution images means quality print
  • An inexpensive alternative for embroidery


Stitch it! Print it! Print-ready embroidery designs
When the right choice for the customer is printing, you can still give them the option for a rich embroidered look. It starts with our industry-standard TrueView—a realistic simulation view professional designers use to preview how their design will look when embroidered. That view includes “real” thread lines, shadows and highlights.
With Virtual Decoration, a special high resolution image of the TrueView simulation is what you print onto your fabric. (It’s useful for creating a range of effects, too).
The result is an inexpensive way to print Virtual Embroidery, taking price pressure off your real embroidery.
Works with digital printing, heat press, and more!

Find out more: How to turn stitches into print-ready graphics

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Easy apparel decoration design software

Whether you’re adding embroidery to your business, or just starting out, DecoStudio is the perfect place to set your anchor stitch. The easiest way to create embroidery, printing, laser cutting, rhinestone designs and more!