Offsets Standard

Add borders to your logos, badges and other designs.

  • Creates automatic offset borders
  • Borders can be 1 of 3 object types
  • Multiple offsets all with the same settings


Offsets and Outlines Standard

How long does it take you to manually digitize an outline or pick-out around a design? Not to mention trying to get it to line up exactly to the shapes! Don't waste any more time - with Offsets Standard you can do this in a click of a button. 

Offsets Standard is a simple and quick way to add highlights and borders to your customer’s designs. This tool wraps borders precisely around the shape of any closed object, group of objects, or the entire design in either Run, Triple Run, or Input C (Satin stitch). Create multiple offsets in one go for a unique look.

• Automatically outline entire design in one step
• Selectable stitch type & color for multiple offsets
• Offset multiple objects, removing overlaps
• Choose any object type, including complex fills

Perfect for pick-outs to lift a design. Perfect for creating badges and sports logos. 

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