Beta Tester review of Wilcom Elements 3 – Barbara from Tex Design, Germany

Hi all,

I just received this Wilcom embroidery software review from a long time Wilcom distributor, trainer and all round embroidery guru Barabara from TexDesign:

The new arranged interface of e3 will make life easy for newcomers to Embroidery Studio. Larger and much more self-explaining on-screen buttons, and logically arranged menus besides the given ability to customize the working area will speed up learning to get the most out of the new tool in very short time. Even a newcomer to embroidery is well assisted by the enhanced fabric assistant.  The included Corel Draw X6 is widely spread in decoration business and a newcomer to e3 being used to work with Corel Draw X6 will have no problems just to start creating embroidery and multi-decoration designs. Graphic preparation in embroidery area is enhanced and works now similar to how Corel Draw does.

The experienced Embroidery Studio users will  appreciate the shortened start-up time of e3, the new slanted zigzag underlay as well as the new options for Input-C objects. Calligraphic lines are created with only a very few clicks now! There is a wider  variety of embroidery fonts, including line type and also Bling.  Tool-tip-information in many areas allow the eyes to stay in the working area giving instant feedback to the digitizer.

The new modular system allows to start just with a base product and upgrade when needed with a wide range of options for embroidery as well as for print and Rhinestone placement.

My favorites as embroidery digitizer are the enhancements in terms of slanted zigzag underlay and Input-C options.