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Font Pack 1 - Script

Font Pack 1 - Script

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Script fonts can give the look of handwriting to your embroidery designs. This is one of the hardest font types to digitize and look good. This package contains 3 sets of script fonts that have been professionally digitized for your casual to elegant embroidery projects.

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Recommended stitch sizes:
Great to use when
Memo Script
0.4 in, 10mm
2.0 in, 50mm
Easy to read script for small to medium size letters
Handy Script
0.5 in, 13mm
3.0 in, 75mm
When you need a narrow baseline. Use for medium size letters
0.3 in, 20mm
1.0 in, 80mm
When you need a wide baseline font with a larger size range

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July 09 2016
beautiful fonts - i absolutely love them - they will make just about any design beautiful. A must have add on!
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