This pack contains 3 fonts. To create the perfect 3-dimensional embroidery fonts, you need special 3D puffy foam fonts. This looks especially good on hats and wall hangings where you want to add a little more depth.

The embroidery puffy foam is usually 2-3mm thick so you cannot simply add the foam to regular lettering.

The font needs to be digitized specifically with 3D foam in mind. If not, your ends will not cut or pull of well and the foam will push through the ends.

It's really simple to use puffy foam fonts. Just follow these 3 easy steps.

Lay the foam on top of the hoop and make sure if covers the complete embroidery area

  • Stitch the embroidery
  • Gently pull away the foam
  • Create some cool new projects with this and have fun!

Please note: Not compatible with Hatch Embroidery Basics or Organizer.

Great to use when
3D Block 2
0.6 in, 15mm
1.2 in, 30mm
Block fonts are the most popular font style when using puffy foam. Perfect for backpacks, sports bags and caps. Use 2-3 mm puffy foam with this font. It will stitch as digitized without closest join to preserve the look.
3D Brush Script
0.8 in, 20mm
1.6 in, 40mm
Brush Script gives the feel it was handwritten but with the artistic flare using a brush and ink. Add 3D puffy foam fonts and your casual projects are sure to "pop". We recommend 2 mm foam with this font. It will stitch as digitized without closest join to preserve the look.
3D Monoglyceride
0.8 in, 20mm
1.2 in, 30mm
Bold, upright, sans serif and rounded. That's what you get with the Monoglyceride font! When you need a block look but you want something a little more modern. Use 2-3 mm puffy foam. This font will stitch as digitized without closest join to preserve the look.

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