Make it personal and customize the world around you. Add professional monograms and lettering to your embroidery projects. Create new designs or take an existing one and style it your way. 60 professional digitized fonts and 69 monogram templates to get you started.

  • World class professional lettering – 60 digitized fonts included
  • Use TrueType and OpenType fonts
  • Many lettering layout and endless size options
  • Basic editing and reshaping of lettering with ease
  • Create quality monograms – 69 professional templates included
  • Many monogram borders and ornaments to choose from
  • Choose your fabric and Hatch automatically presets for the best results
  • Stabilizer recommendations are automatically provided too
  • Change colors in your design with 2 clicks
  • Customize your designs with a few simple clicks
  • Set up your software with your own working area colors to make it easier for you to see
  • Manage your own thread charts and assign them to your desired brand
  • Combine designs in one work space
  • Auto-optimize designs for the best stitch out
  • Save designs to the exclusive .EMB format for future editing
  • Export one or many designs at once to your own machine format. Find out more
  • Stay organized and never lose your designs again by linking them in Design Manager
  • Need more help? Just hover and click the F1 key and go directly to the extensive online documentation for that feature
  • Add additional professional font packs when you need something new
There is so much more – view our detailed features matrix

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May 01 2018
This has saved me hundreds of dollars because I can now buy plain baby and kids clothes from shops like Target and personalise them for very special gifts.
April 11 2018
Loving it. YouTube is amazing. I have learned so much. It’s a great user friendly program.
April 09 2018
Diese Software ist wirklich seht gut, ich kann sie gut empfehlen...auch für Anfänger. This software is really good, I can recommend it well... even for beginners. ;)
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  • "The learning curve was gentle and the results were AMAZING!! With Hatch, creativity has no end!"

    Julie, Hobby Embroiderer
  • "Hatch Embroidery truly is the greatest and easiest to use design software I have ever come across!"

    Judith, Hobby Embroiderer
  • "I was new to embroidery and had a very difficult time maneuvering around in other softwares, Hatch made it so easy to understand, that even a newbee like I was could understand and operate it. Hatch consistently updates the software keeping me up to date on the newest innovations to embroidery digitizing!"

    Michelle, Hobby Embroiderer
  • "I can lovingly put my thoughts down in stitches through a very easy to use well supported program."

    Dianne, Hobby Embroiderer

Keep Your Designs Organized (Manage Designs)

Browse and open design files
Hatch Embroidery takes an integrated library approach to managing designs, giving you complete control over where your files are and how you maintain them. Use the built-in “Manage Designs” to organize your embroidery designs for easy searching and browsing - no need to search your entire drive. Read more here.

Convert design formats
Work without limitations… Convert your outline or stitch files with the click of a button so you have maximum accessibility. Use the files straight from your embroidery library and save them to and from the all imporant .EMB format. Hatch Embroidery supports multiple formats including PCS, PES, VIP, JEF, SEW, DST, EXP and many more to ensure that you get the most out of existing designs. Read more here.

Manage file folders
Keep track of all your file folders and locations within your "Manage Designs“ embroidery library”. Read more here.

Finalize Your Projects Quickly and Easily (Output Designs)

Save, print and capture designs
Save your work as EMB format always to allow the most accurate editing of your design in the future.  Then save and export your designs to your preferred format to correspond with the embroidery machine of your choice. Then use the ‘print preview’ feature to view your design displays as it will be printed and choose your preferred print options and formats – the default type is the ‘
Design Worksheet’. Read more here.

Capture and send screen images in PNG formats with TrueView or the viewing program of your choice. Read more here.

Tailor Designs Freely (Customize Designs)

Manage and customize design colors

Take control of the thread colors in your design with your choice of 128 different color options in your Design Palette. Change your thread color easily and quickly.  You can re-color entire blocks, picking and apply colors from the design, recycle colors within the existing design palette and choose new base colors. You can also assign thread colors, pre-set design colors and change entire color schemes within your Thread Manager. Read more here.

Optimize Stitch Settings and Color Changes
Hatch Embroidery has a number of optimization features that allow users to avoid common mistakes like puckering and gaping. Using ‘Auto-Fabrics’, users can choose the fabric they will be sewing onto and Hatch will optimize stitch type, color changes and suggest stabilizers in order to minimize damage. Read more here.

Customize Backgrounds
Customize background colors, articles and fabrics to view your design in different settings. Use custom design features to view your design on a variety of different colors. Customize the background color both inside and outside your design hoop to view contrasting or solid color options. 

You also have the opportunity to view your designs on various textured backgrounds by choosing a type of fabric, such as cotton or silk for example. Then, get a realistic idea of what your end product will look like by placing your design onto a specific article of clothing, for example a cap or cotton t-shirt. Read more here.

Control Threads and Thread Charts
Modify existing thread charts or create new ones in order to store these colors for future use. Keep up-to-date with changes regarding the different brands and colors that are available in the market. With the constant changes in thread manufacturing, it is essential to ensure all the threads you work with are up-to-date and available. Read more here.

Keep On Top Of Design Information 
With the ‘Design Settings’ on the main menu, you can stay on top of all the technical information involved in creating your designs. Information includes design name, version, number of stitches and color changes, fabric type, required stabilizers and measurements. All of the information can be manually updated and saved so you will always have a record of information for all of your designs. Read more here.

Professional Quality Lettering

Create and Re-Shape Lettering
Lettering doesn’t need to be basic! Do it your way with Hatch Embroidery Customizer. Using a built-in “Embroidery Library”, Customizer makes it simple to add custom lettering to your designs. Select from the 60 included fonts or convert your own TrueType or OpenType fonts. Adjust your lettering width to make it bolder or slant them to give an italicized look. Spread your letters apart with the spacing tool.
Edit your lettering using the “Select and Re-Shape Object” tool. Manipulate your lettering in multiple ways right on screen including: adjusting spacing, scaling lettering, and reshaping your letters to create your own personalized design.

Read more here.

Choose your own Layouts with multiple Baselines
Go one step further and choose your layouts with multiple baselines. Lettering shapes and layouts are what give your lettering unique shapes and structures. Choose from a variety of placements – Free or fixed, circle or arched, upright and even free form are just the start of baselines you'll find yourself using.

Customize your lettering further by adding ‘lettering art’ styles which will distort your lettering by making it arch, compress, stretch or bulge- giving you the ability to manipulate your designs to your liking.

Read more here.

Multi-line Lettering 
Lettering doesn’t stop at one line. When dealing with multi-line lettering, Hatch Embroidery Customizer provides up to four alignment and layout options. You can even customize each line accordingly to achieve the personalized alignments and baselines you envision!

Read more here.

Make Personalization something Special with Monograms

Create Personal Monograms
Create your own one-of-a-kind mark and customize your personal monograms with Hatch Embroidery Customizer. Choose to create either monogrammed designs or text.

Use the monogramming docker to customize the style, fonts and size of your design. Start by using a pre-designed base template and modify this template design by adding different letters, ornaments and borders. Similarly, monogrammed lettering (the ‘Letters’ tab of the monogramming docker) will give you the opportunity to generate simple, personalized initials.

Stylize your design with one of the 22 layouts.  Most fonts have special characters and symbols. 

Read more here


Choose your own Fonts
The options are endless with the Hatch Embroidery Customizer font library! Choose from the collection of 60 professional embroidery fonts included with Customizer.  Most fonts are available in upper and lower case as well as special fonts and characters. Each font has a recommended minimum and maximum size in the online documentation to ensure the best outcome when working with that specific style. Read more here.

Add-on font packs
Select from available font packs that you can add to Customizer and increase the number of alphabets.  Each pack grouped for a special type or use such as script letters, sans serif block or letters that are often used for monograms. You'll never run out of fonts to bring your embroidery to life!

Top Hatch Embroidery tips to get you started!

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Hatch Embroidery Makes Lettering Easy!

Hatch Embroidery Guide to Lettering Baselines

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