'Hatching' a Quilt - Part 1 - Monogram Block

Fun quilting tutorial series with Kristie J Smith - FREE tutorials and embroidery designs

Bernadett 2 1632 Article rating: 5.0

We asked the lovely Kristie J Smith for a fun quilting project that is suitable for any quilter level. This week we launch the series and each fortnight will post Kristie's instructions on how to create the individual blocks for your quilt. In this first part you will find out how to create the Monogram block.

Taking the Headache out of Embroidery Stabilizers

The perfect guide to choosing the right stabilizer for your embroidery projects

Jenny 1 12212 Article rating: 4.6

Choosing stabilizers can be tricky. Make the wrong choice and your final stitch-out could end up completely different to what you planned! That is why we put together an overview on the different types of stabilizers and which one to choose for your embroidery projects. 

Adding & Editing Lettering with Hatch Embroidery - Tutorial & FREE design

Step-by-step guide and a gorgeous free wedding/anniversary embroidery design

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This step-by-step tutorial will show you how you can take an existing embroidery design and change the names and the date quick and easy with Hatch Embroidery. You can even change the colors to suit the theme of the event.

Summer Tote with 3D Flip-Flops Embroidery - Instructions & FREE Design

Guest blogger, Caroline Critchfield makes summer even more fun with this gorgeous bag

Bernadett 1 9596 Article rating: 5.0

The queen of craft is back with a super cute tote bag design decorated with embroidered flip-flops, the ultimate symbol of summer. Sewing and digitizing instructions, plus free embroidery design. An absolute must for going anywhere this summer!

Avoid the JUMP!

Read how to reduce the number of jump stitches or eliminate them altogether!

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We all know how annoying it can be having to clip all those jump stitches after we finished stitching a design. Unfortunately, depending on the design of course, sometimes it cannot be avoided. In this article I will show you how, with a little bit of planning, you can eliminate all the jump stitches in a complicated design just like this kangaroo.

The 'Bird' Behind the Birds plus FREE Cockatoo Design

Bernadett's Machine Embroidery Journey

Marketing Team Wilcom 1 2070 Article rating: 5.0

This week we bring you the inside 'swoop' on Bernadett. She is responsible for all the incredibly rich content delivered each week on our Hatch Embroidery blog, and since everyone has been raving about the Australian bird life that she digitized, we thought you may be interested to learn a little about her machine embroidery journey.

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