'Hatching' a Quilt - Part 1 - Monogram Block

Fun quilting tutorial series with Kristie J Smith - FREE tutorials and embroidery designs

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We asked the lovely Kristie J Smith for a fun quilting project that is suitable for any quilter level. This week we launch the series and each fortnight will post Kristie's instructions on how to create the individual blocks for your quilt. In this first part you will find out how to create the Monogram block.

The 'Bird' Behind the Birds plus FREE Cockatoo Design

Bernadett's Machine Embroidery Journey

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This week we bring you the inside 'swoop' on Bernadett. She is responsible for all the incredibly rich content delivered each week on our Hatch Embroidery blog, and since everyone has been raving about the Australian bird life that she digitized, we thought you may be interested to learn a little about her machine embroidery journey.

Free Standing Lace Wall Art Project

Tutorial and video by guest blogger, Caroline Critchfield

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Burlap with lace has become a very popular wedding theme in recent years. This beautiful wall art by our guest blogger, Caroline Critchfield, is the perfect decoration piece at the reception and in the marital home after the wedding. Caroline used a gorgeous Hatch font and turned it into a stunning piece of art.

The Wonderful World of Motif Fills

Bonus FREE Design by Nicola Elliott

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I was so excited to be collaborating with the beautiful Nicola Elliott again! Nicola offered to draw and digitize something special just for us and you for Mother's Day and I grabbed the opportunity with both hands, because it gave me the chance to talk about how you can create really outstanding embroidery in Hatch using Motif fills.

Egg-citing Easter Contest Top 10

Their embroidery journey and useful tips

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Our Egg-citing Facebook Photo contest was another roaring success. We asked our Facebook followers to submit their Easter themed embroidery creations and we received so many fantastic entries! We asked the top 10 to tell us a little about their embroidery journey and also for some useful tips they would give to other embroiderers.

Animal Themed Embroidery Inspirations

Unique, Quirky, Cute

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You have got to love animals. We admire them in the wild, and as pets they brighten our days with their loyalty and funny antics. No wonder animals are a very popular subject of embroidery. In this post we collected a bunch of animal themed embroidery that are a bit different, edgy and even arty. 

Stitching Sweet Valentine's Pictures with Nicola Elliott - FREE Downloadable Embroidery Designs

The story of the award winning artist and her unique embroidery designs

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In this week's blog post we are featuring an embroiderer with a truly unique style. We are also offering three of her beautiful and brand new Valentine's Day themed embroidery designs to be downloaded for FREE. Although relatively new to machine embroidery, Nicola Elliott is already making a name for herself in the embroidery world...

14 Best Valentine's Day Projects From Us To You

There is still time to make these for yourself or someone special!

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Valentine's Day is nearly upon us, but there is still plenty of time left to create something truly LOVEly for that special person in your life. Or why not simply treat yourself? We collected 14 SWEET projects that can easily be created and then personalized with a bit of machine embroidery. Add a special Valentine's Day message or your loved one's initials for a unique and memorable gift. There's nothing as valuable as...

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