A-B Emblem, the Company behind the NASA Patches

Their history, philosophy and insights into what makes their business sustainable and a great success

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Paul Conrad, current manager and grandson of founder shares insight into how their successful and sustainable business grew and evolved into the operation that supplies embroidered patches to NASA, the White House and pop superstars like Snoop Dogg and Bruno Mars

Get Inspired with Elliot Schultz!

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Elliot Schultz is a 23 year old animator from Canberra, Australia. He is a graduate of the ANU School of Art and has also studied at the Rhode Island School of Design. Elliot has been working in web design for the past 6 years and has recently combined his passion for digital media with embroidery. View his creation, “Embroidered Zoetrope” below and keep reading to learn more and get inspired by this latest young talent!

Behind the Embroidery on Today's Biggest TV-Show

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Game of Thrones is one of the most talked about television series running and has millions across the world enraptured. Known for its large-scale, epic production, the show is a cinematic masterpiece. From the characters to the plot to the special effects, the show takes viewers on a visual journey- which is why we love it so much!

Trend: The New Maximalist!

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Bold designs and embroidered pieces are currently having their moment in the sun! However 'maximalism', as we call it, comes with a twist this time around. The sharp, neat designs inspired by minimalist artists have yet to completely fade away, and what we're seeing now is a modern hybrid of the two- a kind of measured and neat maximalism (which can be achieved perfectly with strategic embroidery!)

Angelina Jolie’s embroidered wedding dress makes headlines

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Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress certainly turned heads last month and whether people love it or hate it (and there have definitely been strong opinions from both sides!) there is no denying its originality. In case you haven’t already heard, the entire back-half of Angelina’s wedding dress and veil were embroidered with artwork that was crafted by her children. Take a look at some of the images from People and Hello! Magazine below and keep reading for more information about the look and what you need to achieve it on your own!
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