Published on Thursday, July 13, 2017

Supercharge your sales and production process with the NEW Order Job Feature

Read how storing information in the .EMB file will help you do just that



NEW Order Job Feature


  • Save Customer, order and job details in the .EMB design file. A separate database is not required.

  • Identifies the garment, quantities, sizes, colors and approval status

  • Display job details with high resolution product mock-ups in .PDF for customer approval

  • Estimate stitch counts from customer artwork using enhanced Auto-Digitizing

  • Create digitizing requests as .EMB designs and manage status int eh Design Library

  • Minimize printed worksheets by sending .EMB with job details to production computer.







If, like me, you’ve got years’ worth of embroidery designs stored in a file structure that you’ve built piecemeal as your business grew and you now find it very difficult to put your hands on anything quickly, then you will know the frustration I feel. My archive of designs, I know, is very valuable to my business but I’m just not using that potential to the full because of the time it takes me to collect all the information that I need for that next job.





"The new Order Job feature allows you 

to manage your designs efficiently 

by storing ‘smart information’ in the .EMB file 

for quick retrieval."



Managing designs efficiently is all about storing ‘smart information’ and using it for quick retrieval. One of the most powerful new developments in Wilcom’s new e4 software is the ‘Order Job’feature that allows you to do just that. When a design is saved, information is automatically indexed; so users can search on a local drive or a network by customer, order number and date saved; in fact almost any automatically or manually populated field. 






"The new Order Job feature makes design searches quick and easy, 

so repeat orders can be fulfilled swiftly and accurately."



Efficiency and profitability go hand in hand; the new Order Job feature makes design searches quick and easy. If you need to save multiple versions of the same design you can now effortlessly identify which files relate to which order; there is no need for long file names and complex folder structures. Repeat orders should be your most profitable, but many business struggle to access all the required information for production.  With the new Order Job feature they can be fulfilled swiftly and accurately.






Wilcom’s native embroidery file format, *.EMB, has become the industry standard. This extremely powerful file format already contains vector objects, stitch information and graphic images; it can even be displayed as TrueView® and output as an image to create a ‘virtual sample’. But with Wilcom’s new EmbroideryStudio e4 software version their native file format, *.EMB, has been raised to a whole new level.




"The design properties are automatically indexed

 in the .EMB file, so the designs can be retrieved 

using keyword searches."



Now with the EmbroideryStudio e4 software release, contained within the *.EMB file, are a set of extended Design Properties; some harvested automatically from the design and others set by the user. These Design Properties are automatically indexed when the design is saved and can be used to retrieve the design in a similar way to a Google search using Keywords or specific attributes. 

Each design file still has a unique file name but, in addition, an order can also be saved with the file together with a whole host of other information like the customer name, the product type and colour. 



"It enables you to identify

the right design 

from multiple versions."


All of the order and production information can be stored within the design, so when you have an order with multiple designs they can share a common order number or, if you have multiple versions of the same design used for different products and locations, you can easily identify the one you need. 


To use the Order Job feature you first open the EmbroideryStudio e4 embroidery software and create a new design or open an existing one. Then open the Design Properties tab and populate the Job Order field and other required fields with all of the information you might want to use for retrieval and production reference. Finally, save the design to your preferred folder and drive. When you want to find a specific design just search on any of the parameters you have defined and up it pops! It’s that simple. 




EmbroideryStudio e4 embroidery files now contain ground breaking and sophisticated information that have the potential to transform your business and supercharge your sales and production process. These game changing features enable you to store all the commercial and technical information about an order in the embroidery design file itself. There is now no need to purchase complex and costly database software; you can now easily retrieve specific designs quickly and accurately from within your EmbroideryStudio e4 software. Everything you need for your business is at your fingertips – where it belongs.



Gillian Suggett is a well respected industry expert with many years of experience. She is also the owner of St Mawgan Embroidery Co in the UK.






EmbroideryStudio e4 makes the world's favourite digitizing software even better. It is the embroidery software choice for professional digitizers, custom embroidery shops, industry trainers and educators and apparel decorators, who are serious about commercial embroidery.

Contact your local Wilcom distributor now and have a chat about how EmbroideryStudio e4 can make your business more efficient and productive!





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