Kissing Amnesia

Snapshots of Life Captured Through Embroidery 

“Kissing Amnesia” is an embroidery exhibition which captures poignant moments in the life of artist Raed Yassin. After all the photos taken during his childhood were destroyed in the Lebanese Civil War of the 70s and 80s, this artist got thrifty and recreated them through hand embroidery on a silk background. 

The images capture the fragility of life before, during and after the war. Each image is embroidered on delicate material with painstaking detail of various scenes, ranging from birthday parties to random moments with the family. 

Take a look at a life-time journey told through embroidery, the entire set available here on the Guardian website. The images will be on display at London’s Shubbak Festival, this July-August. 

All images are the property of the artist, Raed Yassin