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Today we want to talk about something that is important to us and that should be important to each and every one of our customers, because today’s issue involves the illegal use of Information Technology (IT) and the consequent impact on fair competition. Today we are talking about Wilcom customers and businesses not being able to compete in a fair market place, because of software piracy. 

Thankfully we are not the only ones talking about this issue and realising the gravity of the problem; legal entities and law enforcement authorities across the world are taking action to minimise the greater economic problems associated with the use of illegal IT. One such example is Washington’s House Bill 1495 also known as the “Unfair Competition Act” (UCA). As one of the most trade-dependent states in the United States, Washington introduced this legislation in order to address the unfair competitive advantage manufacturers using illegal IT were receiving over manufacturers with legally acquired IT.1 The Bill however not only targets manufacturers but also makes other businesses connected through the supply chain accountable; even if the manufacturer using illegal IT is located in another country, the US company who contracts to this manufacturer could be held accountable according to the new Bill. You can read more about this important Bill by visiting the Ernst & Young website.

In fact most countries now have laws in place that address and deal with anti-competitive business behaviours and the reason for this is as follows. The use of illegal IT creates an unfair advantage for the offender as they can offer their products or services at lower prices, making it difficult for legitimate businesses using legal software to compete. This in turn causes diminishing returns for legitimate businesses, job loss and finally business failure, meaning that the economy as a whole suffers. Unlicensed software is not only illegal and bad for the economy it is also often volatile and unusable. Behind every legitimate piece of Wilcom software is 30 years of experience to ensure you get the best performing software available and stay competitive in the ever-changing marketplace. To read more about what Wilcom is doing to combat software piracy please view our latest Press Release

What is a software Piracy?

If a person or company uses software without having a license agreement with the owner of the IP rights this person or company commits software piracy, which is a crime in most countries. Software piracy is a theft because it involves the use of a product without paying for it.

What is genuine Wilcom software?

Genuine Wilcom software is software that is licensed by Wilcom, certified as authentic by Wilcom, and published and supported by Wilcom. Genuine Wilcom Software is of the best quality and is highly reliable. Using genuine Wilcom software is the only way to receive the latest product support, updates, features and enhancements.

What can you do if you have illegal, unlicensed software?

If you find that you have illegal software on your computer it is possible to legalise the software.

Wilcom and our Distributors are very open about helping embroiderers who make a mistake and become users of unlicensed software. Our aim is to make the embroidery industry strong and viable in the long term and we are here to work with the embroidery companies and grow together. 

If you have problems with pirate software you can confidentially approach your local Wilcom representative or Wilcom International directly and we will help you find an effective solution to legalising your current software. 

1. Source: Ernst & Young Global Limited (2012), New rules and regulations on IT and fair competition – Trends and impact